Gentle Reminder

Hello my bloggy friends. Perhaps I am being a bit pushy, but I wanted to remind you to get out, enjoy your surroundings, take pics, and come back tomorrow, grab a button, and link up for Sundays In My City.

Let’s travel the world together!
Unknown Mami



Wait, before you go! If you like this post, por please share it, pin it, tweet it, call your mom and tell her about it or give it a hug. Muchos thank yous!

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  • ItsKelly

    working on it right now!!

  • Melissa

    So how strict are you on the actual 'city' part of it? I don't really go anywhere on Sunday's, but I can post about how I spend every Sunday.

  • JosiahsMommy

    Going to try and get out tomorrow for some pictures. Thanks for the reminder.

  • La Belle Mere UK

    Well I'm reading this at 8pm on Sunday night in the UK, so I'm guessing I missed out on this. Maybe I'll get involved next weekend if the time difference doesn't prevent me?! xx

  • Life with Kaishon

    I am sorry that I was so late with my entry! Please forgive me : (.