Are you there God? It’s Me, Mami.

Do you believe in God?

I’m not religious. By that I mean, I do not belong to any sort of organized religion. I was raised Catholic. I do not consider myself a Catholic anymore. I do not attend religious services unless I’m invited to a wedding or Bat Mitzvah.

When I speak of a higher power I tend to refer to it as the “Universe”. I’m okay with not knowing. I know what feels right for me. I do not feel lost.

Why am I telling you this?

I just wonder how many people like me are out there. Ones that aren’t part of any religion and are fine with it.  I’m not searching. I don’t mind that others are searching or that others have found.

Interestingly enough, I talk to God or the “Universe” all the time. It happens mostly when I’m out for a walk. I touch base, I give thanks, I ask for help, the usual. I feel in touch. I keep in touch and I never feel alone. We are all part of the “Universe” of that I’m sure.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.


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  • Eva Gallant

    I am much the same as you…was also raised Catholic; do not attend services; and yet feel a spiritural connection without benefit of rocks and mortar and the paraphernalia of organized religion.

  • Chibi Jeebs

    Dude, me, too – I'm not even 100% certain of the religion my great grandparents practiced, even though I accompanied them to services once or twice as a tyke.

    I'm not entirely sure *what* I believe, and I'm okay with that. I started "talking to God" after reading Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. And yes, I totally start out "Are you there, God? It's me, Chibi." ;) (No, seriously! lol)

  • theonlygirl

    Yep – I'm with you. I believe in a higher power, but am not so sure exactly what/who it is. I was also raised Christian, but haven't been to church services since my teens when I started questioning a lot of things. I think that as long as you have faith in something that enriches your life, then you should just go with that.

  • samijoe

    Yep, I'm cool with just being.
    Just enjoying what life has to offer and putting the 'faith' in myself, instead of elsewhere.

    I believe there is something greater than all of us; be it Mother Nature, God-whatever.
    Goodness-i sure hope there is something greater than all of us…WE cannot be IT.

  • Auntnikki12

    I was raised a Christian, but I am just like you these days. I don't belong to a church. I don't WANT to have much to do with organized religion. I am perfectly happy not knowing either. I am content with my relationship with God/the higher power. I know Its there and It knows I'm here. I do the same with thanking and asking for help and for guidance… Just "being" is good.

    Really, I'm just like you :)

  • VM Sehy Photography

    I'm the same as well. I don't go to church. I usually say the Universe instead of God. Every once in awhile I say hi and give thanks and use God for the word. I saw too much fighting and bitching in the church I grew up in, so I figured being Christian didn't change anything, so why bother. Also, I have kind of a contentious relationship with God. One minute I'm mad at him for plopping me down where He/She did then I'm back to saying thanks. I need to grow up with that before I pick something. I might settle on something before I die, but I'm OK with where I'm at.

  • mimbles

    I grew up in the Uniting Church in Australia, which is an institution I still have a lot of respect for, but I now identify as an atheist. I don't believe in any kind of higher power and I certainly don't feel any lack in my life as a result.

  • MJ Shellabarger

    I feel the same way, mami.

  • nessa

    Not to sound dogmatic, but I know there is God (not a god, but God.) I was raised Roman Catholic and I have nothing against it. If followed as it is really set out it is as good a religion as any other. I find organized religions limiting. I experience God in so many different ways that strict dogma doesn't work for me. I believe most religions are a way to have community which is in most cases a good thing but they are created by man. God supersedes all of that. Sometimes I refer to God as He sometimes as She, I use ritual when I feel I need it. I speak to God all of the time. I am happy with however others experience God or not as long as they don't impose on others. And I believe God feels the same. The God I know loves us unconditionally.

  • yesthatislovely

    I'm with you Mami.. I believe in love. :)

  • deborahpucci

    Sounds perfect to me. I believe in God, talk with him all the time and always giving thanks.
    I became a believer about 16 years ago. I was raised in a church but never knew God. I belonged to a church for about 13 years but haven't been since we moved 3 1/2 years ago.
    My relationship with God is awesome. I surely believe He is the higher power of the universe.

  • Cheeseboy

    I use church to regroup at the end of each week. It's like my therapy.

  • marlaahansen

    I'm a Christian, attend church but don't belong to one church. I would rather try being the church. I love everybody as much as I know how to because I believe God loves me as much as He can with all the crap I pull. Anyway….

  • Juli Ryan

    I didn't have a religious upbringing. I think you can be a spiritual person and not necessarily be *religious*.

  • Evonne

    I'm right there with you. I was raised Catholic, but as an adult I don't follow any organized religion. I do believe in a higher power, but I'm not sure what exactly it is. And I am ok with that.

  • Georgina99

    Like you, I talk to the Universe. Sometimes I call it the Creator. In any case, I consider myself very spiritual but not religious. I like learning about various spiritual teachings and philosophies, regardless of the religious source. – G

  • Anne-Marie Zinc

    Hi ya! Risqué topic LOL ! I was a devout Catholic and loved meeting all my friends and neighbors at Sunday mass. Life in those days was predictable and I felt safe growing up knowing that God was protecting me. And then you grow up and you start questioning everything. At university I was introduced to world religions and cultures and since then I feel I dont know what is really out there anymore. What is the truth? My mind is open to different philosophies and spiritualities but not interested in organized sheep herding types of religions anymore. A big eye opener was my visit to the Vatican. When I saw all the treasures, art and gold displayed for tourists I wondered why they ever sent missionaries to remote places risking their health and lives….The wealth that I observed in Vatican city shocked me. There are times where I wished I was young and innocent again. Its much harder living with uncertainty. The bible is a great book but I also love to read Plato, Socrates and Jung who were also great thinkers in their quest for the Truth: what makes a man a "g o o d" man?

  • Free2bMommy

    I too was raised catholic, although I found myself not really understanding the way they did certain things. Now as an adult, I consider myself a spiritual person in christianity without any actual denomination. I am okay with that most of the time, but sometimes I get scared of the unknown.


  • Donda Bagshaw Flores

    I am not a part of any organized religion that doesn't mean I don't have faith. I firmly believe there is something/someone larger than us that governs our lives. I am open to others beliefs what I don't like is when someone tries to push them on me. You might like this entry I blogged a while back.

  • MyLittleMiracles

    I was born and raised Catholic and felt scared into believing….faith is tested daily and I have seen first hand the good in it all. But I don't consider myself religious but spiritual and I think there is a HUGE difference. I don't believe that I have to go to a "church" to be able to talk to or be heard by God. I don't need to hear a sermon to know what God wants from us.

    Just my take! =)

  • frau

    I was raised Catholic and haven't practice sine moving here…not a Catholic area no church within my reach. I'm not religious and don't judge others ….I've missed going to church not sure why. My husband is anti any religion he was raised very strict baptist…but I think he believes like you in the universe and the good in all. I usually stay away from religion topics that and politics…

  • oceangirl415

    I submit to the Creator of the Universe.

  • Max Evel

    I was raised evil … just joking .
    I think I have just about been in every organized religion you can think of.
    Sometimes you have to find God with in you .
    Don't let my blog fool you Mami when you stop by.
    It's just for fun ,and I think about God daily ,and it's always good to wake up,and see the sunrise, and realize it's good to be alive ,and look to the sky ,and think this all started from
    somewhere .
    Okay .back to being evil .

  • AngelCel

    Much like many others here, I believe there is some kind of higher power but I don't follow any specific religion and don't feel I need to be in a specific building for my thoughts to be heard. If backed into a corner about what religion I am I suppose I'd say Anglican Christian, simply because that's what I was taught as a child, although I suspect my beliefs are actually closer to Buddhism.

    (On an *entirely* different subject, am I the only one to hear some kind of a soundtrack when I first clicked on your site? This has never happened here before. It sounded vaguely smutty in content! I'm not seeing where it might have come from …I'm *assuming* it was an ad, but no product was mentioned). :D

  • Melinda

    …me too. I think there is a growing number of us who are questioning organized religion and yet still believe in spirituality. Which unfortunately has become a dirty word, I read an article recently that basically criticized those of us who feel 'spiritual' but don't commit to any religion.

  • Betty5

    I´m missing the comments of people who DO believe in a God. I believe in God and his son Jesus. I believe you need to be born again, to be saved. But I try to respect what others believe. I will not judge anyone for thinking there is nothing else than the "Universe" or a higher being. I know that my beliefs make me a better person and hopefully better to others. And I hope that others will see this "happiness" in me. There is nothing more assuring in life, than to know there is a God and that He loves you unconditionally.

  • KJHartenstein

    I believe in God. But I don't believe in any on religion. Nor do I go to church. I believe that I can talk to God when I want and I don't need to go to a certain place on a certain day to prove what I believe in.

  • denisetogetherwesave

    I do was raised Baptist and I enjoy attending church (Methodist now) but I do understand what you mean. I am unable to attend church in the summer (travel softball) and I still feel a very strong connection to God.

  • unknownmami

    Yikes about, the music! I'll see if I can figure out where it's coming from. I personally, don't like it when music plays automatically.

  • unknownmami

    Thank your for representing your beliefs.

  • An Imperfect New Mom

    I wasn't gonna comment but I figured you shared why cant I? I used to be like you. I grew up in a Christian household. Then I questioned everything I was taught. Then through a series of many events that started with me asking: "Who are you God that I am supposed to believe in? Where are you?"; I realized that Jesus came to this earth to save us and that in order to get to heaven you need to be born again. I feel sorry for people who dont get to have that peace that I get and wonder how they get by without that peace. I will not sit here and bash it over someone's head that they need to be born again – cause everyone needs to go on their own journey. Everyone needs to do their own questioning. Nothing I or anyone else can say will change that.

  • Kristen (@handshouseheart)

    Oh I big puffy heart you U.M.

    I too was raised Catholic (sort of…when my mom chose to talk about religion or tell me prayers, etc. it was all from her raising as a catholic woman. I was christened as a baby, etc.) and later decided that it just wasn't for me.

    I spent a good bit of time 2 years or so ago trying to find a church. I finally found one that I thought was awesome. The more I got "into" the church though (and it's inner workings) I realized that it wasn't for me or my family after all. I really, honestly, truly believe that many times organized religion will ruin a person's true spirituality. I honestly think God doesn't want all our hooey and ceremonious bullstink….he only wants us.

    It's good to know that you do believe in a higher power of some sort. There was a time I really wasn't sure who or what was out there. Big hugs U.M….and kudos to you for making yourself so vulnerable.

  • Meeko Fabulous

    I totally get this. :)

  • naomidelatorre

    I took a long journey questioning God and religion until I finally found the Baha'i Faith which is a religion that recognizes all world religions as one and all of humanity as one human race. Finally God made sense to me. I think everyone has their own spiritual path and that it is most important for us to respect one another's beliefs. I love that you shared about your own relationship with God/Universe and I think it is very cool that you were open with all of us about your path. Thanks for opening a great conversation.

  • unknownmami

    I'm glad you decided to share.

  • bmanousou

    I'm pretty much the same as you. I don't attend services; but I definitely believe in a higher power.. God.
    Hope you have a lovely day! :o)
    B xx

  • bmanousou

    Kisses to your little angel (your darling daughter, Mami).

  • Barely Domestic Mama

    I believe in God. But we don't pick a domination. My husband and I feel that God wouldn't be upset if I was no longer a practicing Catholic or Seventh Day Adventist. I like that our church teaches about God, but doesn't browbeat us with legalism. I have friends in all walks of life from Secular Humanism, Atheism, Christian, Spiritual (but not religious), Pagan, etc. I don't judge. I love them all.

  • Twincerly,Olga

    great post! I am a radical Christian and know its is the only way for me

  • blueviolet

    There are tons of people who have that same sense of spirituality. You're in no way alone.

  • Jingle

    I am not religious either…
    very honest and beautiful relfections.

  • Joanna Jenkins

    I was raised religiously and continue to be as an adult– just not in an every week service kind of way.

    xo jj

  • brainella

    I'm pretty close to you too. I stopped going to church a few years ago; got mad. I'm not really mad anymore but I'm okay with not going. I talk to him every so often…mostly because I need to. :)

  • Michelle from Honest & Truly!

    Oh I think there are lots of people out there like you. When you find something that gets you through the days and keeps you satisfied, you stick with it. If it ain't broken….

  • Michelle from Honest & Truly!

    Oh I think there are lots of people out there like you. When you find something that gets you through the days and keeps you satisfied, you stick with it. If it ain't broken….

  • brian

    i was raised in the conservative church….was a pastor in a much more progressive church…i believe in God…

  • Fiona

    I definitely believe that there is a greater power out there: the universe, love, nature – call it what you like.

  • BLOGitse

    I'm with you. 100%.
    It's been interesting to notice how bloggers mention their religion, skin color etc. in their profile – why? For me religion is very personal thing.
    Why the color of the skin is so important to mention? For me people are the same what ever the color…
    Or is it our nature: we are gregarious animals and need to know where we feel safe…
    If yes, then it means 'others' are our enemies or at least not the same as 'we'…
    For me, mixing with all kinds of people: age, skin color, religion, sexual orientation etc. that sounds very old fashion!

  • Jamie

    I believe in God and Jesus – I don't call myself religious – I'm for sure Christian I believe in Christ and his death and resurrection. I believe that a lot more people would call themselves Christian if it wasn't for "religion"…. organized religion has done God a lot more harm than good.

  • SuziCate

    I absolutely believe in God. However, I know longer go to a church…I've pulled away from organized religion as I found so much hypocrisy. I don't think I need a middle man (church) to have a relationship with Him. So, I guess you could say I am much much spiritual than religious…and yes, there is a big difference. I think I have grown much more spiritually since I pulled away from church. I realize this sounds weird, but it is what it is. (Or maybe ishould've said I yam what I yam!)

  • Catalina

    Nope! Not for me anymore. I grew up RC and was devoted to my faith for many years until my education changed that for me. Now, I am more of an atheists but hope to be wrong when I die. Like you, I don't feel lost or disconnected- quite the opposite. I love life and find joy in many things. Letting go of my faith in god/christ has given me a renewed sense of freedom I never knew I could have.

  • unknownmami

    I'm so glad you shared this. I used to feel such a discomfort as a child that is no longer there and much of that had to do with Catholicism. It just didn't seem like I could live within the confines of what was expected of me and still be truly me.

  • Ttownsend

    I'm right there with you…church of the Universe!

  • Theta Mom

    Born and raised Catholic and have a spiritual connnection with the man upstairs even though I don't attend church every Sunday…

  • lifewithkaishon

    I do believe. I am so thankful that I do. I know, for me at least, I need to know that there is someone out there that is bigger than myself. I was raised in christianity and as I have grown I have clung to it. I don't talk about God all the time on my blog, or even in real life, but what I hope, with everything that is in me, is that when people walk away they know I am a Christian. I hope there is something a little different about me. I believe that I am different because of Jesus. I hope so.

    I hope you have peace with what you believe. I think that asking the question and thinking about what you believe is the biggest step! Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  • 38traci

    I do believe in God. I don't think that He (She/Universe) is limited by a single religion. I believe that we are all on our own path and I believe that we are all loved, cared for, and heard — whatever language, whatever prayer, whatever name. I think that God is big enough and full enough to embrace all. But I do believe.

  • Kristin_The_Goat

    I believe in God, in Spirits, in the Universe, the Holy Spirit and many others. I believe that they are all one and I believe that knowing that there is something out there helping out makes everything a lot easier and worthwhile. I actually like organized religion for the most part and wish that I belonged to a church. I like the hymns, the Bible, the literature, the services, the rituals. I don't believe everything that is taught in churches, but I like that it's there.

    I believe that no matter what religion you practice, if you are trying to better yourself throughout your life, helping those around you and you practice compassion, acceptance, giving and love – you will go into the afterlife with a healthy, happy soul.

  • The Absence of Alternatives

    Dear, ME ME ME!!! Jumping up and down and waving my hands. ME TOO!!! I believe that there is an Omnipotent being, or maybe beings, or maybe just a force and not a "being" (I have never tried to reason with myself so I cannot really give you a "concrete" explanation. I just believe). I believe in angels, but I also believe in reincarnation. Mostly I believe in the Golden Rule AND Karma. If I ever fall off a tall building, I know I will be praying to ALL OF YOUR GODS out there. Probably does not make any sense to anybody else but me. But it is ok. :-)

  • Carrie @ Tiki Tiki Blog!

    Hey, there…I had lapsed in my church-going as an adult. You know when I went back? When my daughter started to ask questions about God and spirit. She was 4.

    I don't necessarily think we need church, but I needed help explaining faith and Biblical stories and we both needed community. We found that in a little country church that inspires and does not push away others and broad ideas.

    For a long time, I used to sit on hay bail under a 250-year-old beech tree in our woods. I called it Church of the Big Tree and it was perfect for that time in my life.

    Enjoy your walks!

    And, I can't believe you got no comments on this? Wow.

  • unknownmami

    I did get comments on it (over 50), but I switched from Blogger to WordPress and the comments did not transfer in the move. I have to say that I was very tentative about publishing the post, I had written it a month before I published it. I know many of my readers are very religious and I respect that, I was worried some would be offended. Everyone was wonderful and unbelievable respectful when expressing themselves. I really enjoyed reading about everyone's convictions.

    You should come for a visit to the Bay Area!