Civic Irresponsibility

I have not been in school for over a decade, so why did I spend my evening cramming? Because there is an election today and I forgot about it until the very last minute. It’s not that I don’t care, I do- I care very much. It’s just that the information came, I let it sit in the hallway until I could get to it and I never got to it. If I didn’t care, I just wouldn’t vote, but I can’t stand the idea of willingly giving up my voice.

I remember the very first time I voted. It felt like such a big deal. I got all choked up when I went and on the walk home I cried. I grew up with a single immigrant mother that did not become a citizen until recently, therefore I was never part of a tradition of voting, I had to start my own. It may sound silly, but being part of something so monumental was humbling.

I feel guilty for letting this election sneak up on me and being so uninformed. It’s not right, it’s not good. I know that I’m just one of many, but I still count, what I think still matters. If I want the right to complain about the state of affairs then I must assume the responsibility of  being an informed participant.

Don’t be like me: be informed. And if you have the right, the privilege, then please, pretty please vote!



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  • macey

    Oh no! Well at least you put some effort into it and got informed!
    SO many people DO NOT get informed and do not form their own opinions and just vote to vote! Which is so wrong.
    I always cram a couple days before I vote, too. I do better when I cram. LOL

  • TechnoBabe

    You are great! Voting is absolutely important. And understanding to the best of our abilities what and who we are voting for is necessary. Voting without preparation is a guessing game. We have enough of that in all aspects of life. We as individuals must participate. Good for you to take the time no matter when to learn and prepare.

  • Polly (aka 5th Sister)

    Well done, Mami! We had our primary last month so I was sure to let my voice be known as well. Not only is it a right, it is, indeed, a responsibility.

  • Camp1974

    I try not to judge people who choose not to vote, but it's really, really hard. I see it almost as a personal failing.

    I just judged, huh.

  • Tina

    Thanks for posting this. I have the same trouble remembering to go vote when it's not a presidential election….which is just ridiculous, I know.
    Hope all is well?

  • marlaahansen

    I am with you all the way on this one, Mami. I also cried the first time I cast my vote and I still get emotional dropping my voice into the ballot box. Each one of us DOES matter.

    I have no problem with people grumbling, griping and complaining…as long as they vote. If you choose not to vote you have not earned the right to complain about how things turned out.

    That's my opinion, anyway. :-)

    Good job, Mami!

  • Margaret

    I always vote and try to keep up on what is going on in the world. Now if more people in the world did this we would be in a better place

  • Eva Gallant

    Amen to that.

  • Mama Zen

    I wish that more people felt the way that you do!

  • lisleman

    thanks for this post
    Everyone should think this way about voting.

  • nessa

    Voting is a right. Voting is a privilege. Voting is a responsibility. Embrace your citizenship.

  • The Absence of Alternatives

    Hear hear!

  • Lynn

    Many people don't realize how priviledged we are to be able to vote. Kudos to you for taking advantage of your citizenship rights, and for getting informed!

  • joy

    A nice rack AND a healthy conscience. You are the total package, unknown mami!

  • Jeanie

    Thoughtful and well said. Voting is indeed a privilege we should never forsake.

  • Crystal

    Oh wow, thank you for that. I need to appreciate voting a little more. To be honest I haven't ever voted, I know it's horrible, but I'm turning over a new leaf :)

  • The Urban Cowboy

    You are absolutely correct. So many don't use the voice they have, it's truly a waste not to.

  • unknownmami

    I appreciate your honesty.

  • denisetogetherwesave

    It is so wonderful that you want to be so well informed!! Voting is very important!

  • Coby

    Great post! I hate it when people say that your vote doesn't matter – it does! And I don't believe it's something to be taken for granted. I admit it – I crammed in our recent state primary election for governor. But I sure did wear my little “I voted” sticker to my OBGYN's office! 😉

  • Pseudo

    Visiting from Technobabe's. Like to see the shout out for voting.

  • Dan

    Fortunately, our primaries aren't until August.

    I can hardly wait for the idiot ads to saturate the airwaves and phone lines. {*grin/2*}

  • Betty

    Voting is especially important here, because we only have Democratic elections, since about 25 years ago. Even though it sometimes feels like work, it is an important “right” we need to carry out.

  • missliz

    Join the crowd! I think most people wait until the last minute to read the info. There is so much to cover, and I have to reread so much of it to make any sense of it. Kudos to you for digging in! As a former Californian, I am watching the new faces come to life. November will be very interesting!

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to take the time to understand what is going on, and to exercise our right to voice ourselves in this way.

  • Aschultze

    Important post to have out there, and you are so right. Voting, and voting informed, are crucial.

    Thank you

  • An Imperfect Momma

    So true. People need to realize what a great priviledge it is to vote…no how important it is for us to vote. Its greathat you got a chance to catch up though.

  • stevenanthony

    I feel the same way about it…whenever I vote I get all emotional….

  • blueviolet

    That's right. It's so important!

  • lifewithkaishon

    I remember my history teacher : ) who recently passed away at age 54 of cancer : ( told us that the most important election was not the presidential one. He told us that our local leaders were far more helpful and important to us and he wanted us to always vote in these elections. And so I do!

  • Mrs4444

    I definitely plan to vote. Last night, I agreed to do a phone survey about my political opinions about upcoming candidates. I was ashamed to be unable to answer some of the questions, because I've fallen out of touch. Today, I did my homework and feel better :)

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