Daily Deals I Could Really Use

Half off rent until you get on your feet. Buy one get one free utilities. Bring in all your old clothes and get new ones in exchange. Buy all you can eat for what you can afford at the grocery store. Pay as much as you can on your credit card and call it even.   Any daily deals you could use?

Fragmented Fridays


Today I want to tell you about a few edible items that I can’t get enough of lately. First there is grey salt. Unknown Papi brought grey salt into our kitchen a couple of years ago and now we have a hard time living without it. We make special trips to Half Moon Bay, CA to get it. The one we get is course and

Obituary or Ride to Nowhere

stationary bike

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of…uh…oh…I can’t believe it, she didn’t even have a name…I never gave her a name. My stationary bike died a noisy screechy death at approximately 11:45 am on 9/28/2011. She is survived by only me, as I was the only one that used her regularly. I will remember her fondly as daily

Pledge to Read and Llama Llama Red Pajama Giveaway


I had a very difficult time learing to read. I did not grow up surrounded by books or being read to, it makes a difference. Not being a pre-reader made it difficult to become a reader. One day a teacher whose name I don’t even remember took the time to help me. He told me to take my time and sound it out and all

My Good Friend


Today is my good friend’s birthday. I don’t write about her much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her. She is pretty much a constant in my life. I met her through my BIL. She moved here with him from Chicago. Basically, she shares a room with my BIL. She doesn’t pay for rent because she doesn’t have a job, but she contributes in

Positive News to Share! #Positivismo

Master Logo 2

It is all about perspective my friends. I have always known this. We all know this on some level. There are countless sayings meant to inspire a positive outlook, sayings about silver linings and glasses being half full. Life is far more rewarding if you embrace the positive. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. Well guess what?! I get to remind you!!! Yup, I

Fun #Deal in #Burlingame

fired up

This is going to sound terrible, but I am always looking for activities to do with Put Pie that will not bore me to death. She’s not boring, but I am quite a bit older than her and don’t necessarily enjoy crayons as much as she does. I’m thinking this deal in Burlingame, CA might keep us both interested: $17 for $34 Towards Painting Time

Sundays In My City


This week’s SIMC is going to be a little different. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m going to ask you to join me at tiki tiki where I kick off Latinland USA with a tour of some of my favorite places in San Francisco’s Mission District. Click on the image and join me for a walking tour and margaritas.   I showed you

Heads Up!


  Just giving you a heads up that Sundays in my City will be posting a tad later than usual. In case you are the kind of person that notices that sort of thing.

Fragmented Fridays


There is so much to learn online, it’s crazy! Right now I’m learning about StumbleUpon. Whole new world. Anyway if you are on StumbleUpon my username is UnknownMami feel free to follow me and I will follow you back. The Unkown’s have their first imaginary friend courtesy of Put Pie. Her name is Isa. We’re told she lives very far away and resembles Put Pie.