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Obituary or Ride to Nowhere

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of…uh…oh…I can’t believe it, she didn’t even have a name…I never gave her a name.

My stationary bike died a noisy screechy death at approximately 11:45 am on 9/28/2011. She is survived by only me, as I was the only one that used her regularly. I will remember her fondly as daily she took me nowhere fast. In the chaos of my life she provided a few minutes a day that where mine and mine alone. She was not only good for my body, but for my mind and soul as well. Together we took trips of fancy as I read.

She will not easily be replaced as she was small, foldable, and could be tucked away in a corner, plus I’m broke and can’t afford to replace her. Her “corner” will seem like a barren wasteland without her handlebars to grace it.

I can say, I have no regrets. I rode her and did not ever use her as an impromptu coat rack.

My friends, if you have a stationary bike in your life…ride her well. You just never know when she will take her last trip to nowhere.


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  • Anonymous

    So sorry for your loss. ((HUGS))

  • http://www.katharinesthoughts.com Katharine

    My condolences… (I know how important me time is)

  • Jeanie

    It sounds like you gave her a very good life…..until her time came.

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ unknownmami

      I did my best. We never went anywhere, but we went there together.

  • http://www.wrestlingwithretirement.com Eva Gallant

    (Bowing my head in a moment of silence.)

  • sunshine

    awwww…… Sorry. I read that book too!


  • Elisabeth

    I’m sad to read about the end of your relationship here, but your memories will remain. 

  • http://www.vidyasury.com Vidya Sury

    I feel so guilty now. I have a stationary bike. I live in a second floor apartment and I’ve relegated her into the garage in the basement. I did have her cleaned up and serviced and functional…but too lazy to ride. Thing is, I really love my red shoes and enjoy walking. Also, my knees protest when I cycle. :-) Still, I think I’ll give her a hug each time I open my garage to take my scooter out, which is twice a day.

  • Crystal

    Aw so sad. Well, just proves that you got some good use out of her :)

  • http://www.fromtracie.com From Tracie

    For the first time in my life….I want a stationary bike. This was a fitting and lovely tribute.

  • http://www.puttingthefunindysfunctional.com Cyndy DysFUNctional Mom

    Cracking up!  So sorry for your loss.  

  • http://ladyfi.wordpress.com/ Lady Fi

    Oh no. Sorry to hear this. I’ve got a stationary bike in my life. Must go over and talk to her a bit…

  • http://bechicmag.com Mercedes S.

    You’re so funny! (great book). 

  • yvonne condes

    I’m so sorry!! (not that she can be replaced, but check craigslist! I’m sure someone needs to get rid of one cheap or free)

  • http://lovesujeiry.com Sujeiry, 1st Lady of Love

    You just made me want to learn how to ride a bike. RIP to your wheels.

  • http://twitter.com/LaliQuin AutismWonderland

    You have many fond memories and your bike will not be forgotten.

  • http://www.biculturalmom.com Chantilly Patiño

    Awww…I’ll be sure to ride one in her honor.  ;)

  • LL Cool Joe

    I do have one, but I rarely ride her. Maybe I should. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • http://allofmenow.com Carla

    Rest in peace =)

  • Justice Jonesie

    So sorry, I am sure she was an awesome friend. P.S. — Love that book!!

  • Anonymous

    RIP dear Stationary bike — you provided stability along the miles while never leaving the four walls of home. Well done, may you live on peacefully in a home outside in the open air.


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