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When I started this blog I had no idea that it would lead to other exciting opportunities. I just needed a place to be creative, share, and interact. This blog and YOU have given me that and so much more. Because of your wonderful support and encouragement, I find myself all over the dial at the moment. I’m thrilled to be generating some income to help support my family while doing something that I love: writing.

Thank you for turning me into a freelance writer at the age of 40! This is not a career path I ever imagined for myself and that just goes to show that sometimes the Universe is more generous with us than we are with ourselves.

Here are couple of the wonderful endeavors that I am involved in because of you:

  • I’m writing a series of posts for CafeMom loosely centered around the theme, “Growing Up Latino” where I share how I plan to infuse our holiday traditions with my Latino background even though my husband is not Latino. My first two post, The Holidays are Coming! and It’s All Good, are up and I would love your reactions.
  • I’ve also been enjoying getting my funny on at Aiming Low. My most recent post there, My Husband Does Not Speak Spanish, makes fun of my husband (which he totally doesn’t deserve, but I’m all about the easy laughs).

I realize you have already given me so much, but if you get a chance please stop by and check me out at the other venues you have opened up to me. I am not kidding when I say that I could not have done this without you. The above opportunities are examples of gigs that I got directly because of the connections that I have made through this blog. So again….


I will do my best to make you proud and deserve all the great things you’ve sent my way.



Wait, before you go! If you like this post, por please share it, pin it, tweet it, call your mom and tell her about it or give it a hug. Muchos thank yous!

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  • http://afcsoac.blogspot.com/ lisleman

    saw the picture and thought wow she owns one cool old radio.  Is it yours?
    I’ve read you on Aiming Low.  Kinda curious – you are paid by the article then?  It’s great to write and just have people read it and enjoy.  The money is like a cherry on top and who doesn’t like those?  Sure hope you don’t get too busy to browse around the blogs.  all the best

  • http://www.wrestlingwithretirement.com Eva Gallant

    Congrats!  I’m not at all surprised.  I’m pleased for you!

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoy your writing…love these pieces…keep up the great work!! 

  • http://amommyslifestyle.blogspot.com Lindsay

    What exciting news! Congratulations! :)

  • http://www.vidyasury.com Vidya Sury

    Since I am totally impressed with your paper-bag-ness, am not surprised. I love the way you write and express yourself and I wish you more and more writing gigs! I feel so happy to share your posts with everyone I know (and some I don’t ;-), thank you, Twitter)

    I wish I could see your milk moustache. How was the party?

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ unknownmami

      The party was awesome! My husband came home early from work so that I could participate. Love him.
      Thank you so much. You are so consistently kind to me. I feel so lucky that you found me.

  • http://www.ttelroc.blogspot.com Kristin_The_Goat

    Some of the greatest things that have come to me have come through my blogging.  I know what you mean.  It doesn’t hurt, in your case, that you have the ability to write humorously.  I am funnier in person because my funny is usually bouncing off of a current situation or comment.  I find that I can write funny things, but it’s not smooth.  It’s good that it’s not my career because I’d be stressing out!  You, my dear, are a natural.  I’ll be more than happy to go check you out…well, you know lol

  • Justice Jonesie

    Isn’t it a great feeling when you can turn something you love into a job?  Congrats to you for your success!

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ unknownmami

      It really is. Before the babies came, I had acting in my life on a regular basis. When the kids came, I found that I did not have the time or inclination to pursue the acting as much. I started writing and to me it feels like a performance. I get a very similar satisfaction and maybe a little more pride because the words are mine and I am creating it from scratch. I know I am a much happier and fulfilled person because I get to write and I hit the lottery when it comes to finding a receptive and supportive audience.

  • http://jeanhasbeenshopping.com Jean

    I will check you out!  Congratulations on your success! 

  • Blessedsoandso

    So glad you are doing something you love!!!

  • http://ceodraiocht.wordpress.com Maggie

    Hey mami – truly enjoyed your guest posts (can imagine a gaggle of children and “butt cheeks” – must’ve made the party). Traditions: An Italian friend grew up with full Thanksgiving American style dinners plus a lasagna/Italian course. I never knew how they could eat and sample everything, but the leftovers were treasured. She’s in Hawaii now, married to a wonderful man of Japanese heritage. Your post is triggering me to email her and ask just what she cooks up these days for holidays.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! This is only the beginning! 

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ unknownmami

      Thank you and I hope you are right.

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