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Guess who ate all of Put Pie’s Halloween candy? One hint: it wasn’t Put Pie. My 3 year old daughter has a refined palate when it comes to candy. She only likes dark chocolate, the darker the better. Although she had tons of fun trick or treating, when it came time to sample her take she was less than impressed.

I have a sensitive heart and a non-discriminating palate and when I saw the candy laying there forlornly, I did what any decent person would do, I put it out of it’s misery. The first couple of times I was euthanizing the candy, I felt like I had to sneak it because Put Pie might get mad. Then days passed and she never asked about it, so I went about openly providing relief for those sweet discarded confections. You could call me an angel of mercy, I wouldn’t argue with you.

This is one joke I wouldn’t have been able to play on Put Pie because she just wasn’t invested. Perhaps, someday in the future when both she and her sister are older I’ll be able to have some wicked fun.

Apparently, some took offense at the joke being played on these kids. Something about trust being compromised and it being taken too far. Not me. It’s a joke! Taking it too far would be telling them their pet died when it hadn’t, but telling them you ate all their Halloween candy when you haven’t…not too far. I found it funny and I believe the children will recover and no long-lasting harm has been done, but I also love practical jokes and have been known to take it too far on occasion.


And now your Friday Fortune Cookie
(don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end, if you are so inclined):

When eating something yummy, there is no shame in licking your fingers.



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  • Jeanie

    I commend you for the service you performed for Put Pie’s Halloween candy. It takes a person with a big heart to go that extra mile.
    I have to admit (don’t hate me) that I am not a big fan of practical jokes… may be a flaw in my character.

    • unknownmami

      I don’t think it is a flaw in your character. It is probably a flaw in mine that I like them so much.

  • Kimberly

    What?!?!  People were mad?  That’s ridiculous.
    I’m not really a candy fan, but I would have rummaged through and found all the reeses pb cups.  I do like those!

  • Bmanousos7

     sorry can’t decide what to say. really.
    however, thanks for posting this video.

    betty xx

  • Lindsay

    I would’ve ate the candy, too! haha.

  • Pearsonreport

    That was too funny.
    And I agree with you…no harm done to those crying kids, geez, it’s just candy!I enjoyed the attitude and demeanour of the last two boys the most.I guess I have forgotten what all the fuss is about now that my daughter is no longer of the trick-or-treating age.Thanks for sharing that!PEARSON REPORT

  • lisleman

    I ate your candy – very funny especially the two boys at the end.  It’s a fun joke.  Now there were a few clips that if I was the parents I might not of submitted since the kids reaction was too angry and over the top.  Oh you serial candy monster muncher – you’ll get a belly ache.

  • Laurie Matherne

    This was a great post! So funny. I am happy for the candy. They wanted to be eaten. 

  • Anonymous

    Those are so funny, thank you for sharing. I needed a good laugh today!

  • Rachael1013

    My son is five and finally at the age where he eats more than plain hershey bars and m&ms.  Bummer…

  • QQ QandleQueen

    I thought the candy joke was a riot and wished I had thought of doing it when my kids were little.  For the many other jokes I played on my kids I can say they turned out fairly well adjusted with fabulous senses of humor.  Nothing wrong with learning to laugh at yourself – it comes in quite useful as an adult and for those who never learned that tidbit they are usually insufferable asses.

  • Vidya Sury

    And what would the world do without angels of mercy and a little harmless fun? I am guilty too. Happily so!

  • Kristin_The_Goat

    I’m with Jimmy on this one – I didn’t expect that much crying either! 
    I think the candies in your house would have cried from neglect if you hadn’t eaten them lol

  • Anonymous

    I saw that video and it cracked me up! I think it’s a good thing Put Pie doesn’t like candy and her ass thanks her too….mine wishes I’d lay off the candy!! 

  • LL Cool Joe

    Wow I don’t think any of those kids deserved the candy!

  • Karen and Gerard

    You are lucky your kid only likes the dark chocolate candy–more for mom!

    Stopping by from FF.

  • Kim

    I have just passed on an award to you. The details are on my Blog here:
    Have a Bloggety weekend! Also I follow you on GFC please follow me back!
    Bloggity Blog

  • Barb Clatyon

    I thought that video was funny too. It’s just a joke people! Kids have a wonderful sense of humour. I’m sure all the parents, in the end, told them it was only a joke. It takes much more than a joke to harm a person’s trust.

  • Kaylen

    I think it was great of you to help Put Pie’s candy be truly appreciated.  :)
    And I LOVE practical jokes. It’s a necessary part of life. Laughing is critical to life.

  • SamiJoe

    I definitely laughed at this minor prank.  It felt like a bit much for some of the kids, but i’m sure they all survived!

    What Halloween candy is your favourite?

    • unknownmami

      I like smarties the best.

    • unknownmami

      I like smarties the best.

  • Mrs4444


    That video is SO hilarious that I had to share it immediately. Thank you.

    Hey, it took about ten seconds to your page to load just now. Is it me or is it your page? Anything new been added lately?

    Gnite, Friend. Muah!

  • Smitten Images

    Parents know their kids better than anyone, of course and if they’re certain it will torment them, then I agree that they take it too far. I got such a kick out of those brothers at the end of the tape though.. what bright little kidlets. And the girl who told her daddy that he’s ugly just cracked me up.

    You were selfless when it came to freeing Put Pie’s candy. Parents everywhere should aspire to be like you.

    Thanks for the fun post. :)

  • Carma

    good for you going the extra mile 😀

  • Classic NYer

    Wow! that video is so cruel and so terrible and so hilarious… does it make me awful how hard I laughed at that? “Good for you! You’re gonna get a belly-ache!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!