Fragmented Fridays

Sometimes I wish that I talked the way Nezzy from Cow Patty Surprise writes because then I would say things like,

“Do ya feel as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar dropped smack in the middle of a social settin’?”

Tell me that wouldn’t make me more than a little interesting. I read that sentence last night and I’m still enjoying it. Most of my thoughts aren’t even as interesting as that sentence.

But I “blogress”…I got that turn of a blog from Joey’s Pad and you know I’ll be using it for ever after.

It’s just so easy to be inspired by the writing of others.

I do on occasion use my own words to tell a story like I did at Aiming Low for Once Upon a Christmas. There I tell a treasured memory that upon inspection turned out not to be so precious. Come by and tell me what you think.

Here’s a random picture of baby hands. One of those hands belongs to Luna Pie.

Baby hands

And now your Friday Fortune Cookie
(don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end, if you are so inclined):

“To the victor go the spoils…” -William Learned Marcy

 Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the victor is: happy end of the Iraq War.


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  • Anonymous

    That picture is precious!

  • brainella

    Baby hands make me smile. :)

  • AutismWonderland

    HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA – I LOVE – “Do ya feel as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar dropped smack in the middle of a social settin’?”   Because, yeah I usually do :)  And those hands look scrumptous!! 

    • unknownmami

      Oh, I just love the way she expresses herself. She always comes up with such wonderful phrasing.

  • Rebecca

    Love the baby hands………They need more smooches though.  Smooch all over those precious hands.

  • The Bipolar Diva

    I’m not sure about memories either.

  • Anonymous

    ah….love the picture Luna hands are so precious! I love how Nezzy writes/talks so is a doll! Have a wonderful weekend! 

  • Hootin’ Anni

    …and let’s hope that no more costly wars [monetary and lives] is in our near future!!!  Love the baby hands photo…that is priceless.

    Yes, Virginia is my link for Mall Fragments this week.  I do hope you may find some time to visit?!!!

  • Eva Gallant

    Love the chubby little hands.   going to check out your post.

  • carma

    ha ha – I am visiting you after just visiting Joey’s blog, so I blogress too…I would love to write so colorfully as your friend Nezzy

  • Kaylen

    Cute pic!!! I love the little spill on the seat, it makes the hands even more real. You can just imagine the sticky baby fingers!

  • Nezzy

    Woohoo!!!  ‘Just find me a nail and call me rusty!!!  I just love seein’ my name up in lights sweetie!!!  Thanks  :o)

    Oh, how I love those precious chubby little baby hands.  Sweet!!

    Ya’ll have a most blessed and wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  • Jeanie

    That Nezzy does have a way with turnin’ a phrase.
    Nothing cuter than baby hands….and baby feet.
    Off to read your memory post.

  • Queen Bee

    I love baby hands! So cute!

  • kaynight1202

    I’m really not crazy, but I appreciated the genuineness of your language. “Fuck” tends to be a word favored by a good percentage of my friends, and when I read it… I trusted you and your writing/photos more than before. Such a good lesson about our minds though. Thank you for sharing that and other links.

    <3 Kendra

    • unknownmami

      My pleasure.

  • lisleman

    Nezzy can really spin the Ozark slang.  I like blogress.  It is good that you are humble because that paper bag just comes in one size.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, now we just need to get out of Afghanistan!!

    I love that quote!!  I am not nearly as amusing either.  I think baby feet are also adorable!!  I just can’t stand adult feet.

  • Vidya Sury

    Yes, I love how others’ writing influences us. Baby hands are precious, especially the little dimples….I become all emotional when I see babies yawn. So sweet. Gentle kiss on Luna Pie’s hand!

  • My Inner Chick

     Just met Nezzy.  What a character.

    Xx  And So are you. 

    My Inner Chick

    • unknownmami

      I’d say you are a character too.

  • tracismixedbag

    I love baby hands. I’ll have to go read your article.

  • Court

    Insanely curious. Who does the other hand belong to??

  • Elizabeth Grimes

    I just might use “blogress” now too! Lol. Oh, the end of the Iraq War…I don’t even know what to feel about that yet!

  • LL Cool Joe

    Hey thank you for the shout out! I checked out the other blog too. 

    I’m sure when I first wrote “blogress” it was a mistake that just happened to work well!

    Love the cute hands, much cuter than my hand of my blog. Oh to be young again. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Love the baby hands!  Yes, Nezzy does have a way with words.  It’s always fun visiting her.

  • Terri Sonoda

    I went over there.  I read.  I LOVED it. 

  • Profwaynewsmith

    I like the term blogress…

  • Anonymous

    I am so with you on Nezzy — she rocks!!! I loved the article over at Aiming Low. You are everywhere my friend.

    But mostly, I love that beautiful sweet hand!


  • Mrs4444

    That Nezzy–She sure has a gift, doesn’t she? Off to read your post!