Fragmented Fridays

Happy Chinese New Year! In honor of the New Year we were fortunate to see a lovely performance at one of our local libraries.

Female Martial Arts Dancer


Chinese New Year Dragon


Chinese Dragon DancersLuna Pie and I really enjoyed the presentation, whereas Put Pie said she “like no part of it.” She seemed slightly terrified the entire time. I guess dragons and flying swords can go that to a 3-year-old.

It’s the Year of the Dragon, Baby! Get to procreating! Apparently, it is a popular year for having babies. Don’t look at me, I’m done.

A little over a year ago Luna Pie was born on the new moon during Chinese New Year, hence the name Luna Pie. My little Moon Pie will be 1 on February 3.

My mother thinks that Mexico has the best Chinese food. I wonder if that means that China has the best Mexican food.


And now your Friday Fortune Cookie
(don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end, if you are so inclined):

Just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean you are.

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  • tracismixedbag

    Great pics UM. I love that you can go to your local library to get some culture. That’s the beauty of living in California.

    • unknownmami

      So grateful for the public library system. I loved it as a kid and am totally rediscovering it as a parent.

  • Frau

    Gorgeous pictures…I can’t believe Luna is going to be a year old…wow time flies!
    Utah has pretty good Chinese food I miss good Chinese food…here it’s buffalo wings and pizza! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • LL Cool Joe

    I’ll think I’ll pass on any more babies thanks. I’m trying to cope with the traumatic teen years now.

    Great photos!

  • Jendalynne

    Happy Chinese New Year:) mmm you made me hungry chinese food and mexican food!

  • Profwaynewsmith

    I love Chinese New Year.  My students are always shocked to hear that it is the second more celebrated holiday in the world!

  • Tami Miller

    Gorgeous pictures from the Chinese New Years.  They have a parade in Philadelphia that I heard it just as lively as the Mummers Parade.  I am hoping to go next year.

  • Andrea White

    Year of the Snake here! Honestly the very best Japanese food we have ever had was while we were living in Germany. I have never found anywhere that even compares to Ichiban in the marktplatz in Bonn, Germany!

    Last night we had long noodles and egg rolls :) 

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  • AutismWonderland

    Fabulous photos!!  Yeah, I could see how it could be a little scary…

    And I love your mom – Mexico has the best Chinese food! HA

  • viridian61

    Great pics.  Not only the year of the dragon but the year of the Green dragon, or so I have seen (on the internet, so who knows!)

  • Eva Gallant

    I’m done, too!  The costumes were awesome, but I can understand them frightening a little one!

  • Qandlequeen

    A) I’m always right – even in bed  :)
    B) Of course China has fabulous Mexican food.  But I doubt I’ll ever travel there to find out so I’m stuck with the lunch special (#5) at  El Maguey here in St. Louis.  boooooo
    C) How cool that your library put on a celebration!

    • unknownmami

      Our libraries are wonderful. We have very limited funds and I take advantage of some kind of program that the library is offering at least once a week. I don’t know what I would do without them.
      If I ever go to China, I will not be ordering Mexican food.

  • Lisa@Advent’s Adventures

    How could a year have gone by so quickly? One??? Man! We should have cake! 

    • unknownmami

      Cake is absolutely in order!

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures. Joining the celebrations for the Chinese New Year was probably unexpected but it was colorful and artsy and active. I like the look on the little boy’s face as he watched with his mom.

    Your mom is entitled to her opinion if a bit biased. Ha.

  • Emily

    Happy New Year! We found ourselves at lots of New Year’s celebrations in Asia this year and I know those dragons can be scary. I took my three-year-old to a parade one day and one of the dragon puppets kept trying to eat her, which wasn’t at all uncommon (and I think maybe it was for good luck?), but she certainly didn’t like it. I don’t remember people being quite so wild last year when we were welcoming the Year of the Rabbit! But yeah, dragons… :)

  • lisleman

    Many years ago my wife and I ate at a restaurant in your SF Chinatown.  We didn’t care for it.  As you know Chinese food here is not the same as in China so maybe it was too authentic.  It would be great fun to play the dragon.

  • Laurie Matherne

    Mexico does not have the best Chinese food. Honduras does. We have lots of Chinese people here. And they fix great Chinese food with a Latin twist. Sorry Mama. ’tis true.

  • Anonymous

    That looks like fun.  Can’t believe Luna Pie is going to be a years old already!

  • Run DMT

    Fun! I love the sights and sounds of Chinese New Year, but Tampa is not known as as Chinese culture epicenter.  We’re more known more our pirate invasions. (I’ll be back on Sunday to share my pirate post.) 

    I also shared a Chinese Year post on Friday.  Great minds think alike! :-)

  • Sorta Southern Single Mom

    Is it bad that I think I should always be right… “in bed” :-)

    What a great performance to see. The Girl did her Current Events Homework on the Lunar New Year, but other than that, I think it was pretty much glanced over.  I was born in the Year of the Dragon!

  • Lindsay Advincula

    What cool pictures! I wish I’d seen something like this with my son. He would’ve loved it.

  • Chris H

    I would be scared of the dragons and swords if I was 3 as well!

  • Classic NYer

    China probably does have the best Mexican food. They’ve probably engaged in some kind of private swap or something.

  • Mrs4444

    Great shots. I love three-year-olds; they’re so trying to figure things out, and when they can’t, they are not happy!