Sundays In My City

Randall Museum






Black bird




Pressing the button


Baby crawling




Walking hand in hand


Dedication rock Randall Museum, I’ve shared photos from this location before. It’s a great place to take your kids for some free fun.
San Francisco, CA.


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  • Vidya Sury

    Beautiful photos! Love the rabbits! And the curve of Luna Pie’s cheek. Can you believe I had your website open and refreshing it to see your SIMC? :-) Hugs! And happy Sunday to you!

  • Keetha Broyles

    And who doesn’t love some good clean FREE fun!?!

  • Betsy @ Zen Mama

    Looks like a wonderful museum!  So glad to be joining today!!

  • Tina G
  • BLOGitse

    Here it’s free to play/skate/ski outside but most of the fun activities are not free…
    Happy Sunday!

  • Tara R.

    I love those sort of hands-out museums. They are a great way to engage children and they’re fun for the grown ups too.

  • Adoption of Jane

    The girls are growing so fast!! I’m trying to come back to blogging, but I am trying to cut down being online so I don’t know how thats going to work lol!

    • unknownmami

      I don’t know how you can blog and be offline. When you figure it out let me know.

  • Junebug

    I have to tell you that viewing your posts every Sunday just increases my desire to one day visit your awesome city!  Thanks!

  • Life with Kaishon

    That looks like a very fun place : )

  • Sorta Southern Single Mom

    One of our favorite places to go is the State Science Museum and fun and FREE place to visit.  They’ve also just reopened the city park, having refabbed the carousel and train.  It’s a great day!

  • Heather – Acting Balanced Mom

    that looks like such a cool place!  

  • Run DMT

    What great shots you captured!  Is that a close up of a starfish? I love the shot of the compass on a rock.  It reminds me of something I’ve seen on a manhole cover.

    • unknownmami

      That is a starfish.

  • Eva Gallant

    Wonderful photos…especially love the ones of the girls.

  • Molly

    Lovely pictures… your daughter has the most beautiful curly hair. I think everyone with straight hair looks at hair like that and dreams of having it….


    • unknownmami

      Thank you. I hope she grows up loving her curls. We always seem to want what we don’t have.

  • Laurie Matherne

    I like your daughter’s curly hair, too. Lots of people here in H. have curly hair, but straighten it, especially for formal occasions. I wonder why? I guess we want what we don’t have, like you said in a reply to someone else below. 

    • unknownmami

      Oh I could go on and on about hair issues.

  • Lisa@Advent’s Adventures

    Looks like a wonderful day! 

  • AutismWonderland

    Beautiful photos – looks like so much fun!  And it’s free?  You can’t beat that! 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a wonderful place to take the girls.

  • Wei Wei Ong

    The rabbits are so cute, muzeum always is a interesting place to visit, having fun.

  • lisleman

    I read the comments and noticed you answered my question about the starfish.  That’s an amazing creature that appears to grow it’s own jewelry (that would save $$ for ladies).

  • Tami Miller

    I’m a sucker for bunny rabbits!  It looks like a wonderful place to take the family.  Something they will remember and cherish!

  • Leovi

    Beautiful pictures, I really like the starfish.

  • LL Cool Joe

    I love all these photos, so much colour. I joined in again this week, sorry it’s been a while but sometimes I just can’t find anything interesting to photograph. I really need to get a life. 

  • Frau

    Looks like such a fun place! Have a wonderful Sunday! 

  • oceangirl

    A crow is on my mind.

  • Nita

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit and so much fun for children too.

  • TOI

    What a beautiful sunny day. I love the rabbits too.Your girls are too precious :)

  • Lady Fi

    You got some cool shots! Love that starfish!

  • Angelia Sims

    What a cool place! I love the starfish photo. AMAZING detail and texture. Just gorgeous!

  • Emily

    How fun! That looks like a great place to explore with kids!

  • Ttownsend

    That looks like a great place! Those curls??? Love.

  • Audreyoka

    My kids are older now but we used to love visiting kids museums when they were younger. It’s so fun to get to touch everything :)

  • Mrs4444

    Many wonderful things have happened on April 26th! ;)

  • Chris H

    Gorgeous photos of the family…. even from the side/back.  

  • Maggie

    Beautiful photos. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek ( also has beautiful wildlife (it costs but has some free days). They’re the largest rehabilitation hospital in the United States for wildlife (when I lived in Pleasant Hill, I’d captured and brought in injured birds a few times – wonderful people).

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