Google, Quit Freakin’ Me Out!

Google, as I have mentioned before, I totally dig your search engine; it’s the tops. I pretty much use it everyday and think it’s way better than the 1/4 set of Encyclopedia Britannica I grew up with (I could only ever do reports on things at the beginning of the alphabet). As far as your search engine goes I’m happy, but you’ve been doing all sorts of things lately that are just freakin’ me out! Why don’t I go ahead and list them for ya…

  • You started buying out the Internet: youtube, Picnik, Feedburner, what else am I missing? Basically, you are everywhere.
  • You created Google Friend Connect and asked me to use it on my blog, which I did and then you told me that because I’m not on Blogger (owned by you…like I said, you are everywhere) you are going to take it away from me. Not cool.
  • Now I find out you are taking Picnik away too!
  • You’ve also deprecated Feedburner’s API (another product you told me to use), which makes me totally nervous because although you say you have “no current plans” to get rid of it, it’s the “current” part that scares me.
  • You keep ramming google+ down my throat. You tell me it’s cool that you are discontinuing GFC and Picnik because I can just replace them with google+ features. Seems a little “bait and switch” to me. If google+ succeeds it should be based on its merits, not because you are forcing me to use it in lieu of services I was already using.
  • You are updating your privacy policy across the board. Supposedly, it is to make my experience better, but really it’s so that you can just gather all of my info across all of your products. I don’t like it. It feels creepy and stalker-y. I don’t want you to watch me everywhere I go online because I happen to be signed in. At this point, you hardly let me do anything unless I’m signed in. What are my options? You’ve bought most of the internet at this point.

Seriously Google, you are freakin’ me out!



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  • Tami Miller

    I was angry that Picnick was taken away!  I loved using that program.  I was glad that I got a refund though.

  • LL Cool Joe

    I’m pissed off about Picnick too, and I’m looking for an alternative. Do you know of any?

  • Kristin_The_Goat

    The Google parachute is gathering everyone under it and I agree, it’s a bit much!

  • lisleman

    I tried their “Creative Kit” on my google-based photo album.  I think it is just picnik just repackaged.  They were very up front about their privacy policy since they don’t want more problems from the government or lawyers.  I don’t like their collecting all this info either but you can use their search without joining them.  I even tried out their music offering and downloaded a few free songs.  I still like itunes better.  FB, itunes, grocery store chains, banks, they are all collecting and data mining.  It’s another reason not to have a smartphone – it’s really a marketing spy.

    (oh when I saw the screen shot, I thought you were shared an Easter egg find.  Try searching “do a barrel roll” if you have not seen that one)

  • Rebecca

    Oohhh maybe it’s big brother?  Do you think we are all being watched by big brother?  My big brother is a sweetie pie.  I love him.  

  • Classic NYer

    Google is the new Rockerfeller, is it? Welcome to American capitalism. Free market my ass…

  • Maggie

    I made Bing my home page (yea, I know, Microsoft is sooo much better – dripping sarcasm here, but for folks who love a good photo, you land on a gorgeous one daily.) Our Federal Trade Commissioner on their privacy announcement ‎”Analysts are undoubtedly working right now to identify certain Facebook or Twitter habits or activities as predictive of behaviors relevant to whether a person is a ― “good” or “trustworthy” employee, or is likely to pay back a loan. Might there not be a day very soon, when these analysts offer to sell information scraped from social networks to current and potential employers to be used to dete…rmine whether you’ll get a job or promotion? Or to the bank where you’ve applied for a loan, to help it determine whether to give you the loan, and on what terms?” FTC Commissioner Google and Facebook announced privacy changes this week.

  • CiCi Winningham

    You speak for all of us. Good job.

  • SamiJoe

    Me too!  Freakin’ me right out!

  • Anonymous

    I am not a person who likes change.

  • brian miller

    they are taking over the interwebs, one bite at a time…its a new world order…and it stinks…

  • veronica lee

    Spot on!  It’s freaking me out too!! I HATE GOOGLE!

  • La Principessa Errante

    Yeah, really, really upset about loosing picnick  I DONT WANT google+  

  • Hilary

    I once loved Google for its simplicity. Now I fear that Google and Apple will battle it out for king of the world

  • Eva Gallant

    so true!

  • Jai

    So true when you sit down and think about it!! You never hear of Yahoo doing anything!

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