Mission Possible and $100 Lowe’s Gift Card #Giveaway


I was so excited to be invited to become a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network Member because it means that I will be provided with monthly challenges, a gift card from Lowe’s to help facilitate those challenges, and a Lowe’s gift card to give away to one of my readers. The challenge (or Mission Possible as I like to think of it) that I received for

Fragmented Fridays

I am taking the day off because I’m tired. The other day I came home from work and put Luna Pie (my 1-year-old) and myself to bed at 7:00 pm and you know what? It rocked! I woke up the next morning at 5am because I’d already been in bed for 10 hours. I need to let myself rest more instead of always trying to

Be Counted: Vote! #LATISM


Although I was born in the United States, I did not grow up with the tradition of voting. Voting was a “tradition” that I had to create for myself. Raised by a single mother with a green card meant that since my mother was not a citizen she did not have the right to vote. As soon as I was eligible to vote, I registered.

Mama, I Have a Secret to Tell You


Warm breath against my ear as you whisper things that only I can hear… Like, Mama, te quiero, I love you. I smile as warm breath against my ear travels to and fills my heart, then say out loud for all to hear, Yo te quiero tambien, I love you too. Every day my life is filled with love. How lucky am I?

The Clash in Spanish

Growing up one of my favorite albums was Combat Rock by The Clash. Come to think of it, I still love that album. Every song on that album pleases me, but Should I Stay or Should I Go is a definite favorite. That song is just catchy. I don’t know how many times I listened to it before I realized that some of the lyrics

Mess to Masterpiece


You know what it feels like I do all day long? It feels like all day long I’m picking up trash. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, but I’ll be honest and say that it’s the 1 year old that keeps me busy all day. She likes to rip things apart, leave trails of debris in her wake. If she

Fragmented Fridays


The Bay Bridge, the other bridge in San Francisco, the not Golden Gate Bridge. Do you think the Bay Bridge ever gets jealous of the Golden Gate Bridge? Does it ever wish it was painted a slimming shade of “International Orange” like the much more famous and adored Golden Gate? Or is it content to be the bridge that it is, serving a much needed