Fragmented Fridays

All kinds of exciting things are going on in my bloggy world. For example, I have been invited to become a Lowe’s Creators & Influencers Network Member. Here’s my official button, if you click on it it will take you to their FB page.

This could not have come at a better time. I have been dreaming of making improvements around the house and now with their support and challenge inspirations I will turn my ideas into actual improvements.  I’m looking forward to my first project which will involve a room makeover.

My kids have been sick for at least a week and now that they are getting better I am getting sick. All I want to do is lay in bed and sleep, but they have other plans for me.

Saw this video at Bull in a China Shop and just knew I would have to pass it along. This kid is quite a motivational speaker.

And now your Friday Fortune Cookie
(don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end, if you are so inclined):

There’s always room for improvement.

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  • Bossybetty1

    Lots of exciting changes, it looks like!  i will be doing some home improvement this summer too, so will be watching for your news.  Hope the kiddos are doing better soon!

    • unknownmami

      I hope you do stay posted. I’m going to be giving away some gift cards that could help with your own improvements.

  • Eva Gallant

    That kid has a future!

  • Vidya Sury

    Wow, that sounds great! Now you’d better get well soon because there are lots of good things waiting for you!

  • LindyLou Mac

    Exciting times, hope you recover quickly.

  • lisleman

    lay in bed and sleep while doing a room makeover – wow if you pull that off you are amazing.  Ok you are amazing but  that feat would be special.
    Wishing you healthy day.

  • Keetha Broyles

    Miss Mami, you DO find the cutest kid vids!

    • unknownmami

      They find me. I don’t even go looking for them, they just appear.

  • Laurie Matherne

    I love Lowes. I am jealous.

  • Michelle

    That sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Me and the Mexican

    Cool!  I love Lowe’s!  That video cracked me up!

  • brian miller

    ha that kid is awesome….ugh i hope you feel better soon though…

  • Heather – Acting Balanced Mom

    Congrats on the Lowes team – sounds fabulous!

  • Wayne Smith

    Wow, sounds like that there will be some [home] improvements to the blog…:-)  P.S. Let me know if you need anything when you come this way for a visit.  I am a tourism guy after all.

  • AutismWonderland

    OMG!!!  I LOOOOOVE this video – so cute.  Congrats on Lowes & hope you feel better soon.  It’s so tough to be sick when the kids want to play.  

  • AutismWonderland

    OMG!!!  I LOOOOOVE this video – so cute.  Congrats on Lowes & hope you feel better soon.  It’s so tough to be sick when the kids want to play.  

  • Classic NYer

    OMG best motivational speech ever! I totally feel like going out for a bike ride now! I believe in myself!

  • Mrs4444

    Isn’t that kid adorable? I just love him.

    Congrats on your partnership with Lowes. I’m all home improvemented out for a while, but I did Like their page :)

    Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • deborahpucci

    Hooray on the Lowe’s project! Hope you feel better soon and I’m glad the girls are feeling better. The kid is too cute….who has he been watching?

  • My Inner Chick

    –Always love clicking over into your universe, Mami <3

    Cute Kid!!!