How to Piss Off Your Significant Other in 2 Easy Steps


I don’t consider myself an expert in many things, but there are a few areas in which I excel. One of those happens to be the alacrity with which I can piss off my husband. I’ve seen this particular method work time and time again, so if you would like to piss off your significant other quickly, just follow these two EASY steps…

  1. Nag, cajole, or otherwise induce your significant other until they clean something of your choice (i.e. the bathroom or kitchen floors).
  2. Once they start cleaning, make sure you watch them and tell them how they are doing it wrong. Feel free to use phrases like:
    “Seriously, is that how you’re going to clean that?”
    “Ugh, I’m just going to have to do it again after you’re done.”
    “If I’d known you weren’t going to do it right, I would have just done it myself.”

After that all you have to do is sit back and watch as they get enraged.

Have you ever tried this particular method?


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  • Sabrina Moscon

    LMFAO! oh man…my husband isn’t easily pissed off as he is the most laid back dude i know, but this is classic and i WILL try it hahah. he’ll call my bluff i’m sure.

  • lisleman

    I’ve been on the receiving end of this.  Being supervised by your spouse is seldom welcomed IMHO.  Even a disguised suggestion on how to do whatever is rarely accepted by me.  Do you think there exists some cleaning gene tied to those special female genes.

  • DanielleTodd

    Ha! If I accuse my husband of being cranky, it totally sets him off. If I ever want to pick a fight, it’s the first button I push.

    I’ve given up on nagging and cajolingto get him to clean up. I’ve also tried passive aggression. Lately, I’ve been trying the silent martyr approach, which isn’t really working either.

    As for #2 – I’m often on the receiving end of this one in our house. My husband is notorious for giving me unsolicited advice without actually lifting a finger.  

  • Eva Gallant

    By accident, more than once!

  • deborahpucci

    Oh yes I have definitely tried this method!

  • missliz

    My husband got the cleaning gene…not me. I can still piss him off, though, whenever I leave the breakfast dishes all day and then ask him to help do the dinner dishes!

  • Angelia Sims

    Well, not quite like that. Lol! But, I do manage to get him to scrub the tubs and showers. I really hate that job and refuse to do it.

  • Kimberly

    Ha ha ha!  I don’t have a cleaning bone in my body.  I’d say, “well then you do it!”  And go iron…I like to iron. :) 

  • Vidya Sury

    hahaha – no, I haven’t. And wouldn’t either. Note I didn’t say anything about not thinking it though. And legally, intent is just as bad :D

  • Kathy

    guilty…oh so guilty! 

  • Linda Wilson

    Oh, Mami – yes I have, but I also have a much more simple way….

    I exist – that’s enough 0:)


    ps – how do I get my pic to show without taking up half your bandwidth everytime?

  • Chris H

    OMG I have done that!!!  To the kids too… and yep… it sure does work fast to piss them off.

  • ::xishell::

    Haha!  I can vouch for this technique :-D

  • Classic NYer

    I prefer the similar but more understated route of taking his finger in hand and running it along the side of the dishes I’ve just cajoled him into washing so that he can feel for himself how greasy they still are.

  • anonymous

    this is the studipidiest thing i could do just to try to piss him off because he’s much expert at that! Infact he’ll find some ways to piss me off through this….