I Make Cake and I Eat it Too #Positivismo

by Claudya Martinez on November 10, 2012

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Milk cake recipe

When I was pregnant with both my daughters, I didn’t have cravings so much as I had aversions. One exception to not having cravings was cake. I always seemed to be in search of the perfect slice of cake when I was pregnant. Is it any wonder that both my daughters love cake?

I don’t consider myself much of a “homemaker” and tend to cut corners wherever I can, but I tend to make cake from scratch for 2 reasons:

  1. It tastes so much better than cake from a box.
  2. My husband loves to cook and keeps our pantry pretty well-stocked at all times, which makes whipping up cake from scratch at a moments notice pretty darned easy.

Here is a basic milk cake recipe that l turn to when the demand for cake in my home raises to a fever pitch:

Leche Caliente Cake
Hot Milk Cake


  • 4 eggs
  • 1-1/2 cups packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2-1/4 cups all purpose flower
  • 2-1/4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1-1/4 cups low fat milk
  • 10 tablespoons (cubed) butter


  • In a large bowl, beat eggs on high speed until thick and lemon-colored (about 5 minutes). Gradually add sugar, beating until mixture is light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla. Gradually add combined flour and baking powder; beat at low speed until smooth.
  • In a small saucepan, heat milk and butter until butter is melted. Add gradually to batter; beat until combined.
  • Pour into greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking pan. Bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool.

I was inspired to share this easy dessert recipe using milk because my buddy El Maestro del Vaso Medio LLeno just launched a webshow called, El Vaso Medio Lleno: The Most Positive Show in the Universe and the inaugural webisode, El Mejor Flan del Mundo just put me in a dessert-craving mood.

I love flan!!! I’m might just have to try and make my own.

Subscribe to El Vaso Medio Lleno Youtube Channel so you don’t miss a webisode.

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  • deborahpucci

    The cake sounds yummy.

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ unknownmami

      It’s pretty basic. Good with fruit and whipped cream.

  • http://www.halfpastkissintime.com Mrs4444

    Very cool. Congrats to your friend. Let’s hope we all remember to watch after eating! :)

  • Eva Gallant

    I’ve never been a cake fan, but this recipe may make me rethink my position.

  • Jennifer Davidson

    I think I could bake that cake with no problem.  I like the recipes that don’t require chef’s training.  Thanks for posting. 

  • http://www.vidyasury.com/ Vidya Sury

    I am craving some. :-( Maybe I’ll make something today! I just got a recipe for a quickie cake. :-)

    Love, Vidya

  • http://twitter.com/NotasdeMama Notas de Mamá

    That Hot milk cake looks so good! And it looks really easy to make. Thank you, I will try it!

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