Sick on Christmas or I Feel Like Cheese

Sick on Christmas.

A few days ago…

Put Pie (she’s 4): Mama, I feel like cheese.
Me: You want some cheese, mi’ja?
Me: I know you don’t like cheese, but you just said you feel like cheese.
Put Pie: My throat feels like cheese and I don’t like it!
Me: Oh, I’m sorry honey.

Christmas came and Christmas went. Put Pie was very sick (sick to her stomach kind of sick) on Christmas Eve and she is still not feeling well. Her illness is now making its way through all of us. Lots of coughing going on over here. Last year Put Pie was sick on Christmas, this year the same thing. This is not something I want to turn into a tradition.

We’ve decided that since Christmas had to take a back seat to puking and coughing that as soon as we’re all feeling better we’ll have a Christmas re-do.


Me: Mi’ja, I feel like cheese.
Put Pie: I don’t feel like cheese anymore.
Me: Good.

Whether you like cheese or not, I hope you don’t feel like cheese.

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  • Traci Shannon

    We’ve been feeling like cheese around here, too. Feel better soon.

  • Jeanie

    It is never good to feel like cheese, but it is especially not good at Christmas. I hope everyone is feeling less cheesy soon and ready for a fabulous Christmas do-over.

  • Angel Shrout

    I think this weather has gotten nearly everyone. It sucks. My grandbaby played the let’s see how much I can puke up game on Christmas Eve, nailing nearly everyone who held him. Hope ya’ll feel better soon. 

    • unknownmami

      Oh no, poor baby!

  • deborahpucci

    Never heard that one before….feel like cheese! So sorry that everyone has been feeling ill. I think a re-do is a perfect idea. ((HUGS))

  • Tami

    Feel better soon, so that you can celebrate Christmas properly.  It seems like everyone I know is sick, has been sick or is on the verge of sickness.  Brandon and I have both been ill for almost a week.  It sucks!!!
    ps. I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat cheese again.  :)

    • unknownmami

      That just means more cheese for me!

      Sent from my invisible mini-van.
      Visit me at:

  • AlvaradoFrazier

    Feeling so cheesey too,ran out of crackers. Hope your ‘re-do’ is better!

  • lisleman

    cheese reminds of wine and wine can make me forget how I feel.
    Hope all of you are feeling better soon.

  • Angelia Sims

    That is awful! Poor girl (and you!). I definitely think a Christmas re-do is in order. Hope ALL of the family gets well and stays well. No more cottage cheese curds. :-)

  • Gorilla Bananas

    That’s too bad. I hope you’ll all be fit as fiddles for New Year’s Eve. Does feeling like cheese cause you to cut it as well?

    • unknownmami

      It’s been known to happen (i.e. the cutting of the cheese), but I don’t have to be sick to do it.
      Sent from my invisible mini-van.
      Visit me at:

  • Eva Gallant

    Hope you all feel less cheesy soon!

  • MamaTim

    Auww cute PutPie!! She’s the one in most your pix with plenty of curls? I’m happy she’s no more like cheese (but why cheese sweetheart? LOL.. I so love cheese!!)

    I pray U get well soon Mami. Hugs..

  • Kimberly

    Oh so sorry you’re feeling poorly. I hope your Xmas was nice despite feeling like cheese!

  • Bee

    We celebrated Christmas feeling like cheese, too. I felt like cheese for a week, but today I’m finally feeling better. Hubs still feels like cheese, though. I hope you and your family stop feeling like cheese soon! :)

  • From Tracie

    Being sick on Christmas is no fun at all! I hope all the cheeseyness leaves your family quickly. 

  • Judy

    I hope you all feel better soon. No one needs to have too many holes.

  • TOI

    we don’t feel like cheese but we love cheese. hope you are feeling better and not too cheesy. 

  • Mrs4444

    I do not, thank goodness!

  • tracismixedbag

    Cheese is a good description. I’m so sorry to hear you guys were so sick during Christmas. My niece, nephew and SIL were too. I personally have been dealing with the phlegm and it’s not been pretty but I’ll deal with coughing it up, to keep from getting pneumonia. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty gross. I hope you’re no longer feeling like cheese.

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