Toilet Paper Roll Craft: DIY Wreath (Tutorial)

DIY Wreath

I’ve seen all kinds of crafts made out of toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls are easy to come by and in abundance in my home. Armed with a glue gun and a stash of 21 toilet paper rolls and 2 paper towel rolls (I don’t discriminate) I made a wreath and I like it, I really like it.

Here’s how you can make one, too.


1. Collect toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls until you have a substantial amount (around 20 or so).

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2. Remove all remnants of paper from the rolls, flatten the rolls, measure and cut into strips about 1.5” wide.


3.Using a guide like a salad plate or pot lid arrange pieces to create a base for the wreath.


4. Hot glue the pieces together to create a circle.

Arrow-glue-gun-from-Lowe's copy

5. Continue by arranging and hot-gluing pieces in concentric circles around the base in a design that pleases you.

DIY toilet paper roll wreath

6. Step back and admire your wreath!

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I finished by spray painting the wreath with glitter and adding a bow.


I can’t wait to see what other sorts of crafts I make using my glue gun and toilet paper rolls.

Have you ever made anything using toilet paper rolls?


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  • MommyLisa

    We found a printout deal to do a Nativity Scene and tape to TP rolls a couple years ago.

    • unknownmami

      Really?! I’m going to drive my husband crazy hoarding toilet paper rolls.
      Sent from my invisible mini-van.
      Visit me at:

  • carma

    that is a gorgeous wreath – perfect to keep up year-round. Love it!!

  • The Bipolar Diva

    SO cute! good job!

  • Bee

    It’s gorgeous! And I love the fact that you re-purposed those TP and paper towel rolls.

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  • Migdalia aka @MsLatina

    Love it! Wonderful use of those rolls. Now if only you could show me how to use the rolls protruding from my waistband 😉

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  • Sebastian Ross

    Love your tutorial… looks so easy to make!!!

  • officialbelieber

    What glue can I use instead of glue gun?

    • unknownmami

      You can use regular white glue instead, but then you have to use something like clothespins or paperclips to keep the pieces together until they dry.

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