First Day of Preschool

First day of preschool.

Yesterday was Luna Pie’s first official day of preschool. I say official because her sister goes to the same school and Luna Pie has already spent a lot of time there. She loves it.

Even though she loves it, my stomach ached a little. I also felt guilty. Guilty because her sister, Put Pie, didn’t start preschool until she was four and my little Luna Pie is only two. Guilty because she’s so little and maybe I should keep her at home longer.

I would have never sent Put Pie to preschool so early. My daughters are very different. Put Pie was not ready for preschool even at 3. She was timid and uncomfortable in social settings. Luna Pie is not timid.

The flip side is that lately I feel guilty having Luna Pie at home while I am trying to work. Her sister is at preschool and I’m at home “trying” to get work done and my two year old in not getting the best of me. The plan is that once she gets settled into preschool and I actually have some dedicated time to work, when they get home, they won’t see my face stuck in a computer “trying” to get things done and being distracted.

I want to be with my kids when I’m with my kids and I also want to be able to work and not feel guilty about it. Kids need food, clothing, and shelter, which means I have to work. Kids also like their mother’s undivided attention at times.

Wish me luck!


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  • Bee

    Good luck! And good luck to Luna Pie!

  • Star Traci

    Congrats and good luck! It is a big step, a difficult step, but is it a very important step for you and Luna Pie. She will thrive and you will finds a better balance with your time with her. ((Hugs)) to you!

  • Rebecca

    Isabella never went to preschool but she was thriving; socially, academics, etc. . .It broke my heart to send her to kindergarten because I felt I was doing a great job teaching her what she needed to know. “Don’t fix what’s not broken” sort of thing. I sent her anyway.

    On the same day I sent Joey to preschool at the tender age of 3. He had to go because of his academic, and motor and speech delays. He’s caught up and passed his peers academically, his motor skills are still behind but he is caught up in speech/language. I felt good about sending him because he needed therapists…something more than I could provide. Which kinda broke my heart in other ways.

  • lisleman

    Some day in the future it will be great for her to read these words of love you wrote about her.

    • unknownmami

      Thank you.

  • Kathy

    Good Luck but I think you made the best decision….she is ready and interacting with peers is a great thing….and mom quietly working is too. (( hugs)) I know everyday saying good bye is hard, you’re a great Mom!

  • Zulay

    You made the right choice! Every kid is different and you saw the need and did something about it and thats what moms do!

    • unknownmami

      Thanks for making me feel better about it. I hate the second-guessing myself.

  • deborahpucci

    She looks so adorable….love the clothes! Don’t feel guilty. I am sure it is good for her and especially good for you to have the break.

  • From Tracie

    I think it sounds like you are finding a great balance for you and your kids. She will be happy socializing and learning for a few hours, and happy to be with you (and your less-divided attention) when she gets home. It is a win for everyone.

  • kelly thompson

    oh, I can’t imagine!

  • Betty Galvan

    You know exactly what she needs and she is going to do fantastic!!!!

  • MoMo

    I hope she had a wonderful day!

    • unknownmami

      She was only there for an hour and daddy was with her the whole time. Baby steps.

  • Myya Says…

    I bet she will be having a blast. My youngest would be estatic if she got to go to preschool, I wish it would work for me to work for her to go… maybe next year??
    You sure do have some adorable girls… love little miss Luna’s hair in this pic! :)

  • Vidya Sury

    You are a champ, Claudya. No need to feel guilty. The dynamics with Luna Pie will always be different than Put Pie. :-) My nieces were exactly the same…the first one was so shy and the second one was an independent little doll. Both are grown up now – but your girls always remind me about them – because they practically grew up in our house. I am not surprised Luna Pie loves the school – and the added bonus is having her big sister around.

    Do they have the same timing? Does Luna Pie have fewer hours there? No matter what, you’ve made a great, if tough, decision. I fondly remember what a wrench it was to enroll Vidur at playschool when he was 2.5 years. Gosh, I had to deal with my Mom’s misery initially 😀 and hide mine. But he loved it so much and it was only three hours.

    Hugs! You’re such a great Mom and Luna Pie looks gorgeous, lovely.

    To your success, Claudya!

  • Happy Wives Club™

    Wishing you lots of luck! You will soon find you have more than enough to give. Of this, I’m certain.

  • CiCi W

    The girls will have so much fun at preschool and they have a chance to socialize which is part of growing up. Being away from each other for a short time helps you be a grownup and I believe it is healthy to miss your kids once in awhile.

  • Emmymom

    Good luck!! And yes I never would have sent my first to preschool that young either– but my second was ready to go as soon as she could. And good luck!

  • Betsy at Zen Mama

    Good choice! Second children are so different from our first children! And we’re different parents as well.

  • ::xishell::

    It sounds like you made a good choice! I have to admit, I’m a little jealous (in a happy for you way) that you get that time to yourself. :-)

  • lifewithkaishon

    She is going to be just fine : ) I am glad you are sharing their pictures now. I love seeing their little faces and smiles.

  • My Inner Chick

    she is absolutely ADORABLE!