Keeping Secrets (Fragmented Fridays)

Are you good at keeping secrets? I am and I’m not. If the secret is someone else’s, I’m good at keeping it. If the secret is mine, I have a hard time.

Keeping secrets quote

Especially if it is a good secret. I have something I’m bursting at the seams to tell you about, but I can’t because it’s not “official” yet. I’ll wait, but I won’t be happy about it. Except I am happy about it because it’s good news.

Quote about secrets

Some secrets are bad and shouldn’t be kept. Use your judgment.

I have something that isn’t a secret that I can tell you. My washing machine broke.

2 kids – 1 washing machine = 1 ton of dirty laundry

So tell the truth, can you keep a secret? You can tell me, I promise I’ll keep it a secret.

And now your Friday Fortune Cookie
(don’t forget to add “in bed” at the end, if you are so inclined):

Sometimes it’s impossible to keep your mouth shut.

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  • Danielletodd

    I think I’m pretty good at keeping secrets, my own and others. It’s nice to know that my friends can trust me with their most confidential information.

    I hope you get a working washing machine soon and I look forward to hearing about your good secret!

  • Angel Shrout

    Hmmm keeping my mouth shut in bed is never fun bwhahaah. I have been there with no washer and 3 boys. Yeah I feel your pain.

  • deborahpucci

    I wasn’t very good at it when I was younger but I can keep one now… least I think so, it’s been a long time since I’ve had one to keep!

  • Nita

    I have no problem keeping other peoples secrets. As for keeping my own secrets it’s easy, unless the secret is I have a surprise or gift for someone then it is nearly impossible.
    Have a great weekend.

  • doreenmcgettigan

    I am not a good secret keeper at all but I am working on it. I am the one that says swear you won’t tell anyone else. I am getting better as I get older because I know if I share someones secret it always gets back to them.
    I am also not good with waiting to here someones good news but I am hoping it gets all official and you can tell us very soon. Guess what?? I have a big secret too and it is KILLING me not to SCREAM it to the world cause its not official yet.
    I’m still shocked that Luna Pie went to preschool…already!

    • unknownmami

      Great, now I really want to know your big secret!!!

  • tettelestai

    I have amazed myself recently about keeping secrets. I have been able to keep some pretty rough ones, but just because my cousin needed someone to talk to.

    If we email you a guess, can we get confirmation??? Oh, I am excited to hear….when does it become official??

    • unknownmami

      Sure, you can email a guess.

  • lisleman

    My last post has laundry trivia in it. Trivia helps while you are waiting for the dryer. I was cleared for secrets while in USAF.

  • Cyndy

    I’m just like you – fine at keeping other peoples’ secrets and terrible about my own. Also DYING to know your secret!
    That fortune was perfect for adding “ïn bed” ;-)

  • Betsy/ Zen Mama

    I’m good at keeping secrets – all kinds – including my own. I wish I had someone to share secrets with but every time I’ve decided to tell one, it’s backfired! Loved your posters!

  • AutismWonderland

    LOL – I hate keeping secrets too!

  • tracismixedbag

    I’m the same way, I am such a blabber mouth about myself. The only time I don’t keep a secret is when it hits me hard, I usually find someone to tell that is not in anyway involved. I’m such an emote-r. Well I hope we get to hear your good news soon. I can’t wait.

  • betty manousos

    well, like you, i am good in keeping other peoples ‘ secrets.

    but that quote is so very true. my mum used to say so.

    great post. thanks!!


  • Star Traci

    I can’t wait! I am so excited to hear!

  • ::xishell::

    Well, now I’m wondering what your good news is! Do tell!

  • Keetha

    That first secret quote made me giggle.

  • Vidya Sury

    Good one! :D Whether you tell or not, hope you are always blessed with good news!