Muir Woods (Sundays In My City)

by Claudya Martinez on February 15, 2014

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Muir Woods entrance

Banana slug

Fallen redwood tree

spider wedMuir Woods
Mill Valley, CA

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  • BLOGitse

    Our nature is amazing…so much to explore.
    Beautiful shots!

  • Rhonda Albom

    I have been reading Robyn’s Sunday in my City for awhile (Life by Chocolate). My post today was a funny photo story in Auckland, my city. No where near as cool as Muir Woods. Your photos are stunning. San Francisco used to be my city, now I am on the other side of the world.

  • Tara R.

    The spiderweb looks like spun silver. A gorgeous capture.

  • Heather Smith

    Love the spider web!

  • Judy

    Love the spider web and the fallen log

  • Vidya Sury

    Beautiful photos – that spider web is priceless – like exquisite jewelry! Happy Sunday, Claudya!

    • unknownmami

      Funny, I was thinking it would make a great necklace.

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  • Star Traci

    Oh! I am so glad you shared this. I used to go to Muir Woods and loved it! Such a special place,
    Happy Sunday! :-)

  • Laurie Matherne

    God’s creation is beyond words, isn’t it? I visited Muir once. It was not enough. I am glad your family lives near many beautiful areas.

  • deborahpucci

    Love what you captured in your photos. Looks like the perfect place to take a walk!

  • lisleman

    Nice slug. John Muir’s story is so interesting. I’m sure glad he came along.

  • Jesh StG

    That capture of the spiderweb is awesome! Love the woods – Almost every year we go to Yosemite Nat. park:)

  • Dawn Saros-Kirk

    The green looks so beautiful. It’s been white here for so long now. I’m ready for some green. Thanks and have a great week!

  • Leovi Leovi

    Wonderful photos, nature in all its glory!

  • molly

    Love the slug shot, they are very odd creatures


  • Cyndy Bush

    It’s beautiful! Especially the log and spiderweb.

  • Rebeckah Leatherman

    What a pretty place to visit. : ) Love, Becky Life with Kaishon

    • unknownmami

      Weird, I was just thinking of you. Big hugs from California coming your way.

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