10 Signs You’ve Turned into Your Latina Mom

Signs you've turned into your Latina mom
You shudder whenever you see someone out with wet hair. Don’t they know they are going to catch a resfriado?

2. You believe that te de manzanilla can cure just about anything.

3. You realize that all your favorite television shows are really telenovelas in English. “Sandal” or “Downton Abbey” anyone?

4. You are English-dominant, but when your kids misbehave, you develop an accent and start slipping into Spanish to scold them.

5. Doesn’t matter how old your kids are, whenever they get hurt you say, “Sana, sana colita de rana…

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6. When your kids are going through tough times you feed them because con pan las penas son menos. Good food really does seem to soothe the soul.

7. It’s a total cliché and you so don’t want to feed into that, but you always have some Vicks VapoRub (or at least the generic kind) on hand because that stuff is MAGIC! I mean, it wouldn’t be a Latina mom stereotype if everyone else would finally figure out that no medicine cabinet is complete without some vaporu.

8. You insist that your kids bring a sweater with them whenever they leave the house. The difference is your mamá made you do that when you lived in the San Fernando Valley where it gets hotter than Hades, you do it to your kids because you live in San Francisco where it really does get cold. See, you are so not a stereotype?!

9. You no longer consider yourself religious or Catholic, but you cross yourself whenever you get in the car to drive your kids anywhere. It can’t hurt, right?

10. Your husband who is from Hawaii keeps trying to get you to call those things you wear on your feet slippahs, but you and your daughters call them chanclas. And no, you don’t use them to discipline your kids because even though everyone thinks all Latina moms use the chancla as a weapon, your mamá taught you to respect footwear and use the cuchara de palo to threaten your kids with instead.


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  • Helena

    Sweater. Guilty guilty guilty! 😉

  • MichaelEHarris

    When your kids are going through tough times you feed them because con pan las penas son menos. Good food really does seem to soothe the soul. http://crazyparts.nl/FQqHiX

  • deborahpucci

    That was fun! I’m Bohemian and I like having Vick’s in the house…..

  • Stephanie @SpanglishSpoon

    Lol! Yup, I’ve become my Latina Mama. Sadly I used the cuchara on my son a while back. I even have a draft post about it that I need to edit.

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ Claudya Martinez

      My brother got so tired of being threatened with la cuchara de palo that one day he marched into the kitchen, grabbed it and broke it in two over his knee. Silly boy, it’s not like my mom didn’t know where to buy more.

  • http://www.astarinmyownuniverse.com/ Star Traci

    Vicks is magic… Latina or Irish!

    • http://www.unknownmami.com/ Claudya Martinez


  • http://tracismixedbag.com tracismixedbag

    ha ha I was dying of bronchitis and my aunts swore all I needed was vicks.

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