I am Unknown Mami, the most interesting woman in the world! My cleavage alone has experienced more than a lesser woman’s entire body. My sweat smells like gardenias. I am THE most interesting woman in the world.

I hope you know I’m kidding!!!

Below are a few details about me.

Name: Unknown Mami, but people who know me call me Claudya.

Occupation: Mother, Wife, Actor, Blogger (not necessarily in that order).

Why I started blogging: Becoming a mother caused a major lifestyle change. I am no longer able to act as much as I would like and I really needed a creative outlet. Blogging lets me be creative on my own time and commune with others.

Children: 2 daughters

Husband: 1

My obit in 45 words: Dedicated mother, sister, daughter, lover, and friend.
An artist whose medium was her life.
Amo. Perdio. Volvio a amar.*
Worked to live, did not live to work.
Was loud, obnoxious, funny, temperamental, and grateful.
Made mistakes aplenty, but never gave up.
Regrets nothing.
Died laughing.

*Loved. Lost. Loved again.

To learn more and take a peak at what I look like, read: The Face Behind the Paper Bag.

Questions: Email me