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DIY Chicken Wire Frame


I have been wanting to make a chicken wire frame for eons, but there is one thing that has kept me from making one and it’s that I’m CHEAP. Yup, it’s true, I’m a cheapskate. I had to wait until I found the perfect sized preferably free frame somewhere, a big one, one big enough […] Read the full article →


12 Christmas Crafts That Don’t Suck Snowballs

Christmas crafts that don't suck

      […] Read the full article →


DIY: Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments


My girls have a thing for cupcakes, so I thought it would be fun to make some DIY Christmas tree cupcakes ornaments using caulk as frosting. We’re all pretty enamored of the results and even plan on giving them as hostess gifts for upcoming holiday parties we're invited to. They were super pero super easy […] Read the full article →


DIY: Monogrammed Tile Coasters


My entire grown up life, I have shunned coasters. Perhaps it’s because I never cared if my furniture got rings on it or because the coasters I had seemed useless or ugly. My husband, however, has been nagging me to make coasters out of tiles for quite some time and I guess I’m starting to […] Read the full article →


DIY: Day of the Dead Candy Holders Craft


I’m such a dork, I’ve been so excited about sharing these DIY Day of the Dead candy holders my daughters and I made out of old plastic Easter eggs with you. I think they are freakin’ adorable. The girls and I were stuck indoors recently and they wanted to make an art project. Since Halloween […] Read the full article →


DIY: Glue Gun Spiderwebs


Hee hee hee, my pretties! I can’t wait to show you how to make your very own glue gun spiderwebs because as we all know spiders are excellent webmakers, but good luck getting them to work on command and put webs where you want them. First though, I feel like a confession is in order […] Read the full article →


Street-Find Redo: Paint without Sanding


My cuñado found this side table that looked like it had made a run from decades past. It was on the sidewalk just waiting to be picked up by someone. It might not look like much to most, but it’s made out of solid wood and if you are a solid wood lover on a […] Read the full article →


DIY: Easy Back-to-School Command Center


The start of the school year is quickly approaching, which of course makes me want to get ready for a successful and smooth academic year. As I laid eyes on the sad-looking command center I set up last year, I knew something had to be done. I mean look at it! I know, it’s pathetic, […] Read the full article →


DIY: How to Make Tin Can Lanterns


I have a lovely little backyard that I never take for granted because when you live in a city like San Francisco where the homes butt up right against each other and your front door opens pretty much directly onto the sidewalk, having a little patch of earth in the back of your home that […] Read the full article →


10 Free Handwritten Fonts


I’ve told you before that I am a sucker for free fonts. Fonts do it for me and the fonts that come preinstalled on my computer are not enough, so I go searching for more. I visit dafont.com pretty regularly and find it easy to search for and download free fonts from them, but when […] Read the full article →

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