Wait, Did I Just Tell My Hubby I’m Checking Out Other Guys?!

by Claudya Martinez July 28, 2014
Freudian text

Guess who spent two nights away from her family? Me!!! I went to the BlogHer ‘14 Conference and had a blast. I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t some kind of liberating to go off on my own and mingle with other women from the blogosphere because it is, it is! I love my […]

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That Time My Daughter Told Everyone her Mother Has a Penis

by Claudya Martinez July 22, 2014
Crazy things that kids say

On a recent walk with my two daughters, my youngest, Luna Pie started making up songs. Mostly she was chanting our names over and over and claiming it was a song. I won’t lie, it was super cute, but the kid has to learn that this is a harsh world, so I started making up […]

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SEE: 3-year-old’s Compelling Cupcakes for Dinner Argument

by Claudya Martinez March 12, 2014
Mateo wants cupcakes for dinner

You guys, if you have not had the pleasure of watching 3-year-old Mateo debate with his mother Linda Beltran about having cupcakes for dinner, then you really must check out this video. Mateo is awesome, adorable, and quite the little debater. What happened was that he did not eat his dinner. He was told by […]

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MUST SEE: Eva Mendes Sex Tape (VIDEO)

by Claudya Martinez January 7, 2014
Eva Mendes Sex tape

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Eva Mendes is one fine piece of actress, the woman is just about flawless. Another thing that you may be aware of is that the internet is full of pervs. Present company included excluded, of course. When you put those two bits of information together, you can assess that there are […]

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You’re Going to Like This Post, I Guarantee It! (Fragmented Fridays)

by Claudya Martinez November 15, 2013

I’m pretty sure you’re going to like this post because I’m about to share a pretty hilarious Men’s Warehouse commercial spoof with you, but if for some reason, you don’t like this post, please do not sue me. I for one can guarantee you that I found that video funny as all get out. You […]

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All Writers Are Dead (Fragmented Fridays)

by Claudya Martinez November 8, 2013
Fortune Cookie

Usually when I pick up my eldest, Put Pie, from school she doesn’t have much to say. Usually, but if I’m listening to something on NPR that I find really interesting, then she has all sorts of tales to tell. The other day, I pick her up and I’m listening to a review on NPR […]

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Sexy Salsa-Dancing Abuela Will Blow Your Mind

by Claudya Martinez September 30, 2013
Sexy salsa dancing abuela

I love dancing and I love watching other people dance. Especially when the dancer is gloriously absorbed and unselfconscious. You don’t even have to be a good dancer for me to love watching you dance, but if you are that’s a bonus. Right now I am in awe of this fantastic salsa-dancing abuela. This woman […]

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For the Love of Laughter (Fragmented Fridays)

by Claudya Martinez September 27, 2013
Grown up bib

I spent last week in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria. I felt like such a fancy lady and from the picture above you can OBVIOUSLY tell that I have impeccable table manners. I just love a good prank. Oh, I know they are sort of evil and all, but I love them. I […]

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Things I Find in My Boobs

by Claudya Martinez September 24, 2013

I’m thinking of starting a new series called, “Things I Find in My Boobs.” Nothing pornographic just random stuff inspired by the fact that I do indeed find random things in my boobs like popcorn or a dead ant. Anyway, here’s the first episode. Watch if you dare. Have you ever found something random in […]

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I Know What a Fox Says, Do You? (Fragmented Fridays)

by Claudya Martinez September 6, 2013

It was a short week and somehow it still managed to kick my butt. Admittedly, that is not hard to do. I mean have you seen the size of my butt? My mother is coming to visit for the weekend in honor of Put Pie’s big 0-5 birthday! My eldest is turning 5. It also […]

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