13 Tweets That Perfectly Describe #GrowingUpMexican


It’s not like growing up Mexican in the U.S. is the same for everyone, but you gotta admit that there are some shared experiences that make you feel like you are part of some kind of Mexi-American tribe, no? That’s how these #GrowingUpMexican tweets make me feel. Every single one of them has me nodding my head and saying: YASSS! Sometimes it’s just nice to

15 Tweets That Perfectly Describe #MomLife


I can’t front and say I’ve ever lived the #ThugLife because I haven’t, but I will tell you that I am currently living the #MomLife and crazy as it sounds these two have something in common. What is it? It’s that both the #ThugLife and the #MomLife are not for wimps. Am I right or am I right? Don’t believe me, then check out these

My Kid Asked, “Do You Know What Sex Means?”

what sex means

Some mothers have eyes in the back of their heads, I have ears everywhere. By that I mean that I have this incredible ability to overhear conversations in my home that aren’t meant for my ears. Like the other day I was sitting on the toilet when I overhear in another part of the house my almost 7 year old say to my 4 year

Is your Abuela Sexist?

sexist abuela

I can honestly say that my abuela was sexist. She’s no longer alive, she died what feels like a very long time ago, but I can still remember how my blood would boil at some of the sexist things she would say to me. Of course she told me I had to learn to cook, clean, sew and all that jazz or no one would

Group Texts Are Annoying


I am not a fan of the group text. In fact I think group texts are annoying. Especially those ones that people send out on Mother’s Day or Christmas or International Group Text Day (yes, I know it’s not an actual holiday, but it may as well be). Most of the time I don’t even realize it’s a group text so I’m all, “Oh how

The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report

Hola Chulas y Chulos! So happy to see you made it through the week. As a reward, why not sit back and enjoy your weekly dose of The Flying Chancla Report? My chancla has been busy chancleando through the internet to find things that you will give a flying chancla about. Check it out: Oh my goodness, how cute are Salma Hayek and her daughter

I Am a Dirty Stinking Sticker Thief

Stolen Stickers

Please know that the day I became a dirty stinkin’ sticker thief I had no intention of stealing anything much less stealing from my very own flesh and blood, from my youngest daughter. I’m not proud of what I’ve done that’s not why I’m broadcasting it. I just want you to know that temptation is always out there and you never know when you will

The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report

Hola Chulas y Chulos! I hope it has been an exceptional week for you and what better way to end it than with a smack on the pompis from The Flying Chancla Report? My intrepid chancla has been busy all week finding items that you will give a flying chancla about. Here we go: Dustin Hoffman brought me to tears in this video as he

A Message From My Menstrual Cramps AKA MC Pain

Menstrual Cramps

Hey, all! Wazup, wazzzup?! Normally, Claudya AKA Unknown Mami (why would anyone want to call themselves that?) is the only one who writes on this here blog, but today I am flexing my mighty powers and taking over. Who am I? Oh you can call MC Pain (that’s my rapper name), which stands for Menstrual Cramp Pain. You don’t even want to know what Claudya

The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report Stuff Latinos Care About

Hola Chulas y Chulos! I hope it’s been a grand week or you and not one that has smacked you in the nalgas. Regardless of how your week has gone, The Flying Chancla Report  is about to make it better with some things on the internet that you will surely give a flying chancla about. Check it out: My daughter packs a lunch for school,