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Little girl with a sombrero

Once upon the 70s when I was growing up, Cinco de Mayo was something we celebrated at school and no one got their chonies in a bunch declaring that it isn’t a “real” Mexican holiday, not even the real Mexicans who were living on this side of the border. OMAIGA, when did I start sounding […] Read the full article →

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My mother taught me that batidos made with milk in the morning are a healthy, quick and delicious breakfast option. Mami never let me leave for school without fueling up. She knew instinctively that if I went to school on an empty stomach, I wouldn’t get the most out of my morning lessons. I’ve never […] Read the full article →


DIY Easter Egg Dye with Food Coloring and Vinegar


I have been a mother for over five years now and somehow this is the first year that I actually get around to dying Easter eggs with my kids. I have no idea what took me so long, especially since it is so dang easy to make your own Easter egg dye using nothing more […] Read the full article →


Super Easy Sugar Icing (Recipe)


My girls wanted to make some sugar cookies mostly so they could decorate them with sugar sprinkles. I had no objections, but I’m lazy so I was going to buy some pre-made frosting to put on the cookies so that the sprinkles would stick and I could not find any pre-made frosting that did not […] Read the full article →


Salsa Fresa: Strawberry, Avocado, and Grilled Corn Salsa


    Strawberries and the California Strawberry Commission rocked my world last week and made me fall even more in love with California and strawberries. I even came up with a “Salsa Fresa” or strawberry, avocado, and grilled corn salsa recipe that I can not wait to share with you, but first a little on […] Read the full article →


Oven-baked Fries


My husband grew these potatoes in our backyard. We brought them in and cleaned them up. Since I know the potatoes were grown without pesticides, I didn’t even bother peeling them. I sliced them thinly Tossed them with olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I put them on a cookie sheet and  in the […] Read the full article →


Mexican Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins


I hereby declare this THE YEAR OF OATMEAL and you should too. Why? Well here are my top 5 reasons… It’s good for you: may help lower cholesterol, may help you control your weight, may help reduce blood pressure. These are all claims made by studies I didn’t conduct, but there is enough evidence out […] Read the full article →


Avocado and Cucumber Salad


Surely, you’ve met my friend the avocado or as I like to call him, mi cuate, el aguacate. This guy is welcome in my home and at my table all year round. Most of the time, mi cuate, el aguacate gets transformed into the easiest guacamole ever or I have been known to make a […] Read the full article →


I Make Cake and I Eat it Too #Positivismo


When I was pregnant with both my daughters, I didn’t have cravings so much as I had aversions. One exception to not having cravings was cake. I always seemed to be in search of the perfect slice of cake when I was pregnant. Is it any wonder that both my daughters love cake? I don’t […] Read the full article →


Easy Guacamole Recipe #ILoveAvocados


Avocados are a staple in my kitchen year-round because I love them! I could eat avocados every day and never get sick of them. Think of the versatility. You can eat them in salads, on sandwiches, in quesadillas, as guacamole, or just put them on a tortilla with a little salt and ta-da! I am […] Read the full article →

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