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Sundays In My City

Stow Lake (Sundays In My City)

Hubby loves taking us all for hikes around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Some of us are more inclined to hike that others, but we all enjoy this particular area for hiking because it’s gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re not in the city even though you are still totally in the city. Stow Lake’s history dates all the way back to 1893.

The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report

Hola Chulas y Chulos! I hope it has been a great week for you and even if it hasn’t well, it’s outta here anyway. As usual, my chancla has been flying around the internet to bring you items that you will give a flying chancla about. Hold on to your nalgas because we’ve got some smackers coming right up in this weeks The Flying Chancla