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Super Duper Burgers

Super Duper Burgers (Sundays In My City)

One can only have so many Thanksgiving leftovers before getting a craving for something else. We took a break from turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing to go grab some bites at Super Duper Burgers. Their garlic fries are potent, pungent and oh so very good. A little parenting tip for parents of kids who eat just about nothing: Our kids are ridiculously picky eaters, but

The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report

Hola Chulas y Chulos, welcome to The Flying Chancla Report! I hope my favorite hijos de la chanclada are doing well. It’s been a pretty great week for me and my chancla. We’ve been taking it easy over here and enjoying some days off spending time with family and eating good food. Of course we still made the internet rounds to gather some items you