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XO Breakfast

XO Breakfast (Sundays In My City)

My mother is visiting us from San Diego in honor of my youngest’s daughters 5th birthday. Our plan was to get up early and go to breakfast, but what ended up happening is that we slept late. By the time everyone was up, every breakfast place in San Francisco was going to be busy so I whipped up some XO bacon and eggs. It was

Selena Barbie petition

The Flying Chancla Report: Selena, Barbie, Salma and Danny Trejo

Hola Chulas y Chulos! My chancla and I hope you have had a great week. We’ve rounded up a few items featuring Selena, Barbie, Salma and Danny Trejo for you in this week’s The Flying Chancla Report that you will give a flying chancla about. There is a petition on urging Mattel to release and official Selena Quintanilla Barbie doll. My chancla and I