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Wednesday Wishes

I am not going to lie, this last week has kicked my non-British arse something bad. The only thing that… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

The Time I Gave My Friend’s 2-Year-Old a Penis-Shaped Toy

You may not know this about me, but I love giving people gifts. Especially, when I find a gift I think… [more]

The Time I Gave My Friend’s 2-Year-Old a Penis-Shaped Toy The Time I Gave My Friend's 2-Year-Old a Penis-Shaped Toy

LeapTV Giveaway

I’m super excited to be able to offer one lucky reader of this blog a LeapTV system. In case you missed… [more]

LeapTV Giveaway LeapTV Giveaway

Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City)

Went to visit our friends in their new home and got to feed the ducks from their patio. How cool is that? Alameda,… [more]

Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City) Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City)

Wednesday Wishes

Update: For some reason this post failed to go up on schedule and I've been so out of it that I didn't… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

Check Out This Video it Reminds Me I Need a New Mom Car


Meet the hosts of the latest 3-part video from Circle of Moms by POPSUGAR. Tia Mowry, Diane Mizota, Stacy Kaiser, and Lizzie Bermudez are all dynamic and charming women and mothers with lots of life experiences to share. In an episode that is less than 10 minutes long, perfect length for mothers who don’t have […] Read the full article →


Feet and Flowers (Sundays In My City)


    Enjoying some time off of our feet. San Francisco, CA.     I showed you mine, now show me yours.   Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think of this as a photography carnival or photography meme (with or without words) that not only lets you share your part of the world, but lets […] Read the full article →


5 Reasons It Rocks to be Me (Fragmented Fridays)


I wrote a post at Mamás Latinas called 5 Reasons It Rocks to be Mexican, which made me want to write about 5 reasons it rocks to be me here…so here you go… I get to write for a living. I work from home. I have a GORGEOUS family. I’m funny. Trust me, sooner or […] Read the full article →


2 Reasons to Love Kevin Spacey


It has taken me many years to develop an appreciation for Kevin Spacey. His weirdly immobile face left me confused. He seems to be able to move his mouth without it affecting any other aspect of his face. How is that even possible without Botox?! Sure I watched movies that he was in and even […] Read the full article →


DIY Home Office: No Space, No Problem


Brought to you by Lowe’s   How do you create an office space when you have no space for an office? You have to get creative. I work full-time from home and sitting on the sofa or at the kitchen table is not conducive to productivity. I knew I had to set myself up for […] Read the full article →


Brought to you by Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour with AARP There have been times in my life where I have been without health insurance and if it weren’t for programs designed to provide health services to the uninsured, underserved, or unemployed, I would have had to go without medical care. No one should […] Read the full article →


In honor of Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros, Latinas 4 Latino Literature are hosting a blog hop and giveaway. It is with great pleasure that I share a beautiful piece written by Eric Gonzalez. I was already familiar with Eric’s work because we are the proud owners of Rosita y Conchita (a […] Read the full article →


Having Fun (Sundays In My City)


        Both my girls really love Hop N Play (San Bruno, CA). Personally, I find it a tad over-stimulating, but I have so much fun watching them have fun that it is totally worth it. Before I know it, they’ll be grown and I’ll miss all the over-stimulation. I showed you mine, […] Read the full article →


A hearty congratulation to all the artists that won at Billboard Latin Music Awards this year. I hope you had fun. You deserve to be recognized for your strengths. To those that were nominated and didn’t win, you are all still winners, and you are all still recognized for your talent. I hope you had […] Read the full article →

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Dandelion Wishes


  Dandelions are not weeds, they are your wishes waiting to come true. So pucker up and blow […] Read the full article →

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