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Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes

Hi Universe, me and a few of my friends have some Wednesday Wishes to make. We know that you are abundant and love to give, give, give, so why not ask for what we want, want, want, right? Here’s what I’m wishing for this week… For myself: To say that I have been a mess because I attempted to go off my meds is beyond


Three Dancing Figures by Keith Haring and Two Great Videos About the Artist (Sundays In My City)

On a recent walk home from the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, I walked past the DeYoung Museum and saw this colorful piece of art on the lawn. I didn’t have to get close enough to read the signage to know that it was made by Keith Haring. I may not be an art aficionado or connoisseur per se, but Keith Haring I know, Keith Haring