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The Flying Chancla Report: Fix You Life, Eyeliner Challenge and Shakira's Acne

The Flying Chancla Report: ‘Fix Yo Life,’ Eyeliner Issues and Shakira’s Acne

Hola Chulas y Chulos! Hang on to your pompis because you are about to laugh them off. My chancla and I found some fun stuff for this week’s The Flying Chancla Report. Ready or not vamonos! Last week my chancla and I told you that we were excited because it was announced that funny ladies Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia would be debuting a comedy series

Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes

It has become my custom to take a pause every week and make some Wednesday Wishes. It is a way of acknowledging that the Universe is abundant and attracting some of that abundance my way. I genuinely believe that there is more than enough for all of us, but I can’t lie…this week I’m just not feeling the abundance. Still, I know better than to