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Wednesday Wishes

This week is kicking my butt and I’m not amused. I could bitch, but instead I’ll wish for what I… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

After the Rain (Sundays In My City)

It raining a little off and on. San Francisco, CA I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your… [more]

After the Rain (Sundays In My City) After the Rain (Sundays In My City)

DIY: Day of the Dead Candy Holders Craft

I’m such a dork, I’ve been so excited about sharing these DIY Day of the Dead candy holders my daughters… [more]

DIY: Day of the Dead Candy Holders Craft DIY: Day of the Dead Candy Holders Craft

Wednesday Wishes

It’s time for Wednesday Wishes, my weekly practice of writing out my wishes. I encourage you to do… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

Pretty Plants & A Butterfly (Sundays In My City)

Pretty plants and a butterfly seen at Flora Grubb. San Francisco, CA I showed you mine, now show me… [more]

Pretty Plants & A Butterfly (Sundays In My City) Pretty Plants & A Butterfly (Sundays In My City)

FeedBurner Count at 0


It’s been said that 1 is the loneliest number, but I disagree. Yesterday I woke up to my FeedBurner count reading 0 and that is by far the loneliest number. I know I’m not alone, as many were voicing their loneliness at being faced with the possibility of ZERO subscribers. The internet has been buzzing […] Read the full article →


My husband is able to explain to Luna Pie (19 months old) that it is bed time and put her in her crib and walk out of the room, she then somehow miraculously falls asleep. Me, not so much. The last couple of nights I’ve been trying something different. Luna Pie shares a room with […] Read the full article →


See What Unfolds


Chewing gum takes me back to a time in my youth (think tween to teenage years) where I felt a teeny tiny bit invincible. A bit of swagger in my step, and ready to see what unfolds is how I felt then and how I feel now when I pop a piece of delectable chicle […] Read the full article →


Just a quick post to let you know about a great promotion that Britax is offering through the end of this month (September 2012). If you buy a B-Agile Stroller, you get a Britax Baby Carrier (MSRP $129.99) for free. This is a nation-wide promotion. If you happen to be at a store that is […] Read the full article →


My Wish For You Today…


May you get a chance to kick up your feet and peace out. What’s your wish for today […] Read the full article →


What I Did This Summer


Growing up I was a big fan of school. I found going back to school exciting all except for the requisite: What I Did This Summer assignment. You know what I’m talking about, the assignment where the teacher asks you to stand in from of the class and talk about what you did that summer. […] Read the full article →


Tips from the Best Father in the World


Need tips for dads? Are you a dad looking for advice? Want to read about the best father in the world? You’ve come to the right place because I live with the best father in the world! Yup, that’s right I’m claiming the title of Best Father in the World for my husband, Unknown Papi. […] Read the full article →


Hop-n-Play (Sundays In My City)


      A little fun at Hop-n-Play in the Tanforan Shopping Center for a good friend's birthday. Forgive me while I set modesty aside. Don't I have beautiful children? I mean look at them; they're gorgeous inside and out!   I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think […] Read the full article →


Dealing with Insecurities (Fragmented Fridays)


Dealing with insecurities lately. I’m so wrapped up in myself that any little thing makes me feel insecure: an innocent comment left on this blog by a regular reader and commenter, an off-handed remark by Unknown Papi, the wording of an email from an old friend. I’m reading way more into everything than necessary. Maybe […] Read the full article →


Life Imitating Art


My mother-in-law sends us care packages quite often. A recent one included a can of Campbell’s soup labeled like an Andy Warhol depiction of a can of Campbell’s soup. If she had sent me an entire box of it, would it be a case of life imitating art? The back of the can points out […] Read the full article →

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