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Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City)

Went to visit our friends in their new home and got to feed the ducks from their patio. How cool is that? Alameda,… [more]

Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City) Alameda Ducks (Sundays In My City)

Wednesday Wishes

Update: For some reason this post failed to go up on schedule and I've been so out of it that I didn't… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

Chicken and Waffles (Sundays In My City)

We are BIG fans of the chicken and waffles at The Boulevard Cafe…so good! Daly City, CA. I showed… [more]

Chicken and Waffles (Sundays In My City) Chicken and Waffles (Sundays In My City)

What Latino Icons Look like to Everyone Else

A couple of days ago, I saw this video of "Latino Icons According to Everyone Else" by FLAMA and I laughed… [more]

What Latino Icons Look like to Everyone Else What Latino Icons Look like to Everyone Else

LeapTV is Here and it’s Awesome! (Review)

LeapFrog products are HUGE in our home and really the only electronic games that I let my littles play,… [more]

LeapTV is Here and it’s Awesome! (Review) LeapTV is Here and it's Awesome! (Review)

Wednesday Wishes


You have no idea how much I need to manifest not only abundance, but positivity in my life right now. Perfect timing for Wednesday Wishes, I say! I KNOW the Universe is abundant and that focusing on what is wrong or bitching up a storm will get me nowhere. Been there, done that. Moving on… […] Read the full article →


SEE: Women Eating Cake


I made this caketastrophe, that still tastes delicious by the way, on the same day that I decided to finally figure out how to use pictures from Getty Images for free because they let you do that now. They’ve been letting people do that since March of this year, but I guess I’ve been too […] Read the full article →


Our First Time (Sundays In My City)


We went to Chuck E Cheese’s as a family for a first time ever. I have no doubt it will NOT be the last time. The kids loved it. The grown ups? Well, we love watching the kids have fun, so it’s all good. San Bruno, CA. I showed you mine, now show me yours. […] Read the full article →


Wednesday Wishes


Welcome to Wednesday Wishes wherein I acknowledge and accept that the Universe is abundant. In order to manifest that abundance in my life, I wish for the things I want and I encourage you to do the same. You will be surprised that once you actually name what it is that you want and say […] Read the full article →


When I first came across the trailer of Cantiflas, the biopic of the late and great Mario Moreno “Cantinflas,” I flipped. I flipped because I am a huge fan of Cantiflas and I was eager to know more about the man behind Cantiflas, Mario Moreno. You see, I have always felt that Cantiflas belongs to […] Read the full article →


The Streets of Golden Gate Park (Sundays In My City)


On Sundays parts of Golden Gate Park are closed to traffic so that people can party in the streets. San Francisco, CA I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think of this as a photography carnival or photography meme (with or without words) that not only lets you share […] Read the full article →


So maybe you know me in person or you know me online and you see parts of my life that may seem fun or interesting. Maybe you think I’m funny because I’ve made you laugh and it really is a gift to be able to do that and the parts of me that you know […] Read the full article →


Wednesday Wishes


It’s Wednesday, the day I’ve set aside to focus on manifesting abundance in my life in the form of a Wednesday Wishes post. Thanks to the encouragement of lovely souls I’ve come across on the internet, I’m going to go ahead and turn it into a weekly link-up. You see the purpose has always been […] Read the full article →


I don’t know what it is about remote controls and babies, but they go together like crack and whack so I can only assume that remote controls are crack for babies. You can put a baby in a room full of the best toys in the universe and a dirty old remote control and the […] Read the full article →

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This summer has been full of weekend family fun. Most of it wasn’t even planned because we’re not the kind of family that needs to plan to have fun, nope, we have fun simply because we get to be together. With the beautiful weather this summer, every weekend ended up being cause to celebrate. We […] Read the full article →

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