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The Flying Chancla Report

The Flying Chancla Report: Pokemon Pendejadas That Will Make You Laugh

Hola Chulas y Chulos! How is the nonsense that we call reality treating you lately? ¿Puras locuras, no? Politics and current events are horrifying right now. My chancla and I are not ignoring those things, but we need a break from them so this week’s The Flying Chancla Report is covering another locura: the whole “Pokemon Go” craze. My chancla and I have not jumped

Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes

Wow, let’s take a moment to pause the roller coaster that is real life and take time to focus on the things we would like to manifest into existence by making some Wednesday Wishes. Wishing may not seem all that powerful to you at times, but as a devoted practitioner of putting what I want out into the Universe, I can tell you that this hocus