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The Flying Chancla Report

Hola Chulas y Chulos! How are you? This has been the kind of week that I’ve wanted to smack in the… [more]

The Flying Chancla Report The Flying Chancla Report

Frida Kahlo Fotos and Frases

July is kind of a big deal for Frida-philes because it is both the month of Frida Kahlo’s birth and… [more]

Frida Kahlo Fotos and Frases Frida Kahlo Fotos and Frases

Wednesday Wishes

Happy mid-week, Loves! It’s time to make some Wednesday Wishes because the Universe is abundant and… [more]

Wednesday Wishes Wednesday Wishes

9 Reasons You Should Never Visit San Francisco

Credit: Unsplash San Francisco is a picturesque year-round tourist magnet. It’s the kind of city that… [more]

9 Reasons You Should Never Visit San Francisco 9 Reasons You Should Never Visit San Francisco

Mercado Urbano (Sundays In My City)

ALSO READ: Carousel at Children's Creativity Museum El marido has been trying to get us over to… [more]

Mercado Urbano (Sundays In My City) Mercado Urbano (Sundays In My City)

The Truth (Fragmented Fridays)


This week my travels through the internet have me pondering the truth. What is the truth? Can there be more than one truth? How often are we wrong about what we consider to be the truth? I’m not sure I know what “THE” truth is, but I do know this… What are your thoughts on […] Read the full article →


BRITAX Baby Wearing Option @SafeConBritax


I’m a baby-wearing mami. I can’t say that I started off with the intention of being a baby-wearing parent. To be honest, I was brought up with this whole idea that you weren’t supposed to embrazilar babies. Embrazilar is this concept that if you hold a baby too much, they will get addicted to it […] Read the full article →


Photos by Children


I love looking at photos taken by children. Sometimes as adults we forget about a child’s unique perspective on the world. They are smaller than we are, they see things from a different vantage point, things that may no longer be of interest to us are still fascinating to them. My 3 year-old, Put Pie, […] Read the full article →


Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

My friends, I'm feeling BLUE. Not light and airy like a clear blue sky, but heavy and dark. I'm not feeling this way for any particular reason, I'm just prone to the blues. I've been fighting the azures for a few days now and today they won. I find myself prone to tears, far too […] Read the full article →


Advice for the Bride (From You)


In a recent post, Advice to the Bride to Be, I shared the only advice I had for a friend who is about to get married. My advice was simple: Love Big. In the comments section of that post, you the readers of this blog, proved what I have already known for a long time…that […] Read the full article →


Faces in my Backyard (Sundays In My City)


      These are some of the faces I see in my backyard. San Francisco, CA.   I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your city/town/suburb/you name it! Think of this as a photography carnival or photography meme that not only lets you share your part of the world, but lets you […] Read the full article →


Finding Balance (Fragmented Fridays)


Finding balance in blogging has taken me a very long time. Blogging has brought so many wonderful things into my life (yourself included). I feel blessed. It does however, take up quite a bit of my time. You can imagine that as a mother of a 3 year-old and a 1 year-old, I don’t have […] Read the full article →


The Glass is Half-Full #Positivismo


“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” and “Hombre propone, Dios Dispone” are both sayings that illustrate that no matter how much planning goes into something, things may not turn out as you expect. So what is a person supposed to do when things don’t go according to plan? Do you […] Read the full article →


A Mother Story


My mother keeps going in and out of retirement. Truly, I can't keep up. She was a cosmetologist for decades and then her body just wouldn't have it anymore, so she retired. But my mother is used to the hussle. She's not the kind of woman to stay home and work on her projects. Oh […] Read the full article →


What to do with Chalkboard Paint…


Ever wondered what you could do with chalkboard paint, other than paint a chalkboard of course? I have. I’ve been wanting to have an excuse to use chalkboard paint for awhile and the opportunity finally arose. I was getting ready to throw a party and I thought it would be cute to decorate with glass […] Read the full article →

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