Sundays In My City


Sundays In My City started because I wanted to share my beautiful city with you, but then it occurred to me that you might want to share too!

The idea is that you enjoy your city (or suburb or town), take pictures, and then share them with your bloggy friends and family.

If your “Sunday” happens on a Friday, that’s fine, just post the pictures on Sunday. If you live in a suburb instead of a city, I don’t care; I still want to see it. If it’s raining and you’re stuck inside, take a picture of the view outside your home. You can even cheat and take pictures one Sunday and post them the next Sunday.

So start taking pictures. Get out there and enjoy your city/town/suburb/whatever, then come back, link up on Sundays, and let others enjoy it vicariously through your pictures.

Remember I’m packing my bags and getting all dolled up to travel, don’t leave me all dressed up with nowhere to go.

When you’re ready, grab the button below for your post and link up! Let’s visit and travel the world together. If you want to see past SIMC posts for inspiration, click HERE.

Let’s travel the world together!


Unknown Mami

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