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Wednesday Wishes

I Wished for Money and I Got It (Wednesday Wishes)

I woke up this morning in dire need of money and I wished for it. I asked the Universe to send me money. I pictured money raining down on me. Then I surfed an imaginary wave of money. At around 12:30, I checked my email and had two emails from Paypal with the subject line, “You’ve got money!” I thanked the Universe. I wished for

The San Francisco Women's Building

Women’s Building in San Francisco (Sundays In My City)

The Women’s Building in San Francisco begs to be photographed. The outside of the building is adorned with a mural called MaestraPeace Mural, which was painted in 1984 by seven muralists. I can’t tell you how may photos of it I’ve taken because I lost count a long time ago.  San Francisco Women’s Centers, a non-profit group that was founded in 1971, moved into the